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Old 07-28-2008, 01:06 AM
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Default Rostfrei Knives questions.....

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I have several knives marked Rostfrei and am curious if they are good quality or junk. I looked on the internet a bit but that was near useless in google. I would like anyones opinions or links etc. so I can further research these things, thank you knife gurus in advance
Old 07-28-2008, 04:43 AM
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The only word "rostfrei", like "stainless", don't mean anything, except the fact than the knife is on Inox steel.

Typically the blade marked "rostefrei" (or "stainless") are on 420 (A, B or C) or 420 modified.

In some case are on 440 (A or B).

Most of the blade only marked "rostfrey" aren't of good quality (and are made on "rosfrei" 420 A or B), but not all.

Victorinox on example are marker stainless but are really good knives.


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Old 07-28-2008, 06:56 PM
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Rostfrei is German for stainless (literally free from rust). In the past it could have been a clue that something was German or at least European made (ie. victorinox is Swiss made, but still uses it on their blades). Lately though, a lot of unscrupulous Chinese companies are putting it on their blades to trick American consumers. Same goes for the use of the term inox on blades. Without knowing more, it would be impossible to say.
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Old 07-28-2008, 07:06 PM
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Joe, That is what I was really wondering about more than anything else. I thought they were German, but upon closer inspection it says stainless above the Rostfrei mark. To me there would be no reason to stamp stainless above, unless it was a fake Chinese copy for expert to the states. I have had several German knives with these markings, but the quality of this knife seemed a little on the lacking. Thanks all for savin me some money
Old 07-29-2008, 03:07 PM
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While some of the European companies do dual mark, I would presume that it is Asian, unless you see some other identifying marks on it (European brands/ trademarks, European country of origin, solingen, etc...)
Old 08-03-2008, 08:08 PM
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I've seen numerous knives marked both rostfrei, and stainless one above the other. Some from China, others from Europe. Post a pic and maybe someone will be able to guess a maker?
Old 02-09-2010, 04:24 AM
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Thumbs up rostfrei

one brand of knives i have is by "Robert Klaas" out of Solingen Germany. it is a stainless/rostfei knife. you can google robert klaas and fing history
Old 11-30-2010, 03:01 PM
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The word means "stainless steel" in Germanic
Old 03-13-2011, 04:42 PM
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Exclamation Chinese companies

Originally Posted by Joe View Post
Rostfrei is German for stainless (literally free from rust). In the past it could have been a clue that something was German or at least European made (ie. victorinox is Swiss made, but still uses it on their blades). Lately though, a lot of unscrupulous Chinese companies are putting it on their blades to trick American consumers. Same goes for the use of the term inox on blades. Without knowing more, it would be impossible to say.
It is sad to say that most manufacturing companies in China use less than honorable processes.
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Old 03-15-2011, 12:32 PM
Shunryu Shunryu is offline
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Reminds me of Great Neck's ploy to dupe people by calling their Chinese made knives Sheffield to play on the reputation for excellent knives made in Sheffield, England.
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Old 02-11-2013, 01:46 AM
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Default Rostfrei knife

I felt the experience I had with one was profound enough for me to want to add to this thread.
Hell, I found yall doing a google search for this name... to buy another one!
So, i wanted to give account of what I found at a thrift store for $10...

I like many, like personal knives mainly for the utility of it.
Mechanic-n, Hiking, building or destroying something in the shop, stripping wires when I happen to not have proper wire stripper (anytime I'm away from radio bench) have the portability, grip, and ease of blade deployment that also allows me to defend myself against whatever unwanted $h!t that might come my way at the wrong time.
Oh yea, light and cheap with sharp blade that holds up well to abusive stuff like ~stripping wires~ as mentioned a few seconds earlier..
Ok you get the picture.

So, last year while browsing for retro electronic junk at a thrift store (speak and spelll for a buck, A "simon" 1978 elecronic game also for a buck) I needed another throw away knife cause I had just lost my previous cheap junk knife in the mud a day earlier... and having seen these 3 or 4 little 3-4 inch folding lockblades in the glass cabinet that forms the cash register checkout, I inquired barely about the knife and got to see it up close.
Now remember, when she told me $10 I cringed a little.
I really wanted a ****ty dirt cheap junk knife that I dont care about when I lose it or break it next time, and the last one was $6 clearance bin junk at Walmart. They probably make all kinds of styles and finishes, but these were the solid black body with solid black locking blade with the little pop-out knobs at just the right position for me to easily flick the blade open and lock reliably with single motion.
I flicked it a couple times and approved of the positive snap I felt in the handle each time blade was deployed to lock, as nothing is as bad as having the blade fold back in action because it didnt lock, and you thought it was.... becoming harmful to the hand.
These few knives they had were all black like this, looked cool, and branded "Rostfrei" on the blades. Of course I clearly saw the "China" also cut into the anodized surface below the brand. Had no idea what I bought, thought I knew what I bought....cheapass junk china throw away knife for stripping wires and scaring off monsters that attempt to hurt me when I have no better weapon. (china knife always better than no knife, right?)

So I took it home started wearing it on my belt where I always do, but never used it or even opened it since the store.
Three days later I pull it out to cut some cardboard packing, snap the blade open, and proceed to cut myself twice before even slicing my target once. lol
Dude, that was the sharpest @#$! blade I ever held.
I mean it was sharper than a @#$% X-Acto hobby knife with a fresh blade!
I grazed my finger and felt the coolness of a fresh slice before taking a closer look (my 1st really) at this mysterious china knife that just cut me like a razor and gained my attention.
the second and more brutal cut came next, when I ignorantly pressed my thumb lightly against the blades edge like that was somehow a way to determine its blade sharpness.
It glides right past my calloused outer layers, and into the stuff that hurts.
-and bleeds.
I swear, lol, I bled all over the damn place!
It was a clean lazer strait cut an inch long (my thumbpad) and more than 2mm deep. Oddly, I felt little pain after the initial shock of cutting myself.
That told me I had been cut surgically clean by a very sharp object.
Bandaged myself with tape and napkins, and immediately got back on the prior task of cutting up the cardboard..
I knew it was going to make easy work of that packing, having just saw the official "meat test" for that knife.
Cardboard is not the material you want to cut on much with a knife you want to keep sharp. So I will admit, to keep my account of the Rostfrei china knife completely accurate, I did indeed take away the original virgin edge a tiny bit cutting up quite a bit of cardboard packing scraps -as expected..
but... cut number three came later that evening when driving home and (again) mindlessly rolled my finger across the edge of the blade, after thinking about the original cuts I got earlier
Look, Im not a Ive raced motocross, and am a helicopter pilot, TIG weld thin aluminum, electronic tech, you know the kind you dont worry about when handing them dangerous tools or equipment. Im no genius I guess as indicated by multiple more injuries to my hands from this knife the 1st week of use. I learned respect for my new little mysterious china knife quickly, puzzled as to how a cheap junk china knife blade came off production with an edge finish like this. I started more carefully deploying it and paying attention that I dont graze myself with the edge, treating it more as if it were a 90watt soldering iron,
Oh yea, I had also sliced open the leg of my fairly new Levis ealier when grazed by the blade, inducing this new awareness of not wanting to be cut anymore.
It sounds crazy, and in many ways, it is.
And, I would imagine, If and when I find another, it would be much different, more along the lines of the other junk expendables Ive had. One thing about china, they are learning slowly but they are learning if only from having to be producers working all the time making quality tends to be uneven, especially when the producers of a product have multiple small partners and suppliers that are doing their thing at differing levels of enthusiasm for doing whatever their thing is.
So, Im not saying these Rostfrei china blades are all exalted top tier quality or anything. I will know more about them when I get another, minus the unscheduled surgeries and blue jean leg air vents, hopefully.
Part of me really is hoping that my last one wasn't a fluke or something I dreamed about...that the next one also could cut a feral hog in two with two strokes, lol.
I managed to sharpen the blade to nearly the original sharpness a few times after dulling enough to warrant it, but honestly couldnt get it quite there to where it was the 1st month of use. Its insane whatever they did during finishing of that original batch my knife came from.
And if the next one is like the 1st one, and if indeed the rest of all the Rostfrei blades are mostly as sharp and quality level, I truly fear china in a new way.
If so, we got a problem coming soon, about competing in any market against them, if they have any time or seriousness for something.
This means another phase of maturity about to dawn in china's continuing development as a producer of durables and a world leader.
Japan did the same cycle 70 years ago after WW2, their products becoming known in the US as "jap crap" for the china-esque inferior garbage quality.
But as most know well, by the 90's, Japan really got the s#!% right and were producing anything as well made as USA or Germany made.
Now "made in japan" doesnt look so bad.
It invokes the thought "Oh wow, its not china junk, its japanese".
Miss the good old days where "made in USA" was a guarantee I had the best,
because it WAS the best.
Anyway, we got problems with china coming soon, because if they were to flood our markets with these deceptively sharp knives, and give them away for free at Walmarts for a year, bad things could happen at numbers high enough to create crisis at hospitals, city jails, and dark alleys everywhere.
It could finish us off for good!

hope you enjoyed!
Old 02-14-2013, 07:40 AM
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Direct from the "source":

"The Rosta-Frei Steel has been around for very long time. Knife expert Bernard Levine has many pieces of the early work. The oldest one dates from about 1920 and has cannibus Micarta handle. He says it worth almost three thousand dollars in today's street value and definitely is most authentic example of early cannibus use.

Here at Rosta-Frei we try to come up with improvement all the time. We have try hot roll, cold roll, Russian snow roll, egg roll, all KINDS of rolling to come up with a better blade steel. Mostly we end up eating or sleeping but that another story….One thing we try is pattern welding steel. We ask Bruce Evans how we could get more patterns in the steel. He just smile and suggested something little stronger than what we been rolling! Ja Mon!

The customer satisfaction is most important thing here at Rosta-Frei Steel. We ask everyone who own Rosta-Frei products what matters to them the most. They want a blade that will chop, cut, slice,dice,puree, liquefy, and drain. I don’t know, maybe they need blender…..They want to shave arm hair, leg hair, head hair…I tell them to lay off the Rosta-Frei for a little while if they think of shaving head hair! That's why Rosta-Frei is #1, we take care of our customer!

At Rosta-Frei we are most proud of our innovative lock. We call it the Dread Lock (copywrited, so watch out!) This amazing lock work so good you can hang 2000 kilo "package" from it with no failure whatsoever. Just watch your fingers if you hang one more gram on there because at 2000 kilos plus one gram the knife finally exhibited catastrophic failure! That why we call it the "dread lock" because you never know….Ja Mon. We still #1, even Benchmade never beat that one!
Last week young lady send me email. "Dear Rosta, what kind of Rosta-Frei blade should I buy my boyfriend for Valentines Day?" Oh My, I write back to her immediately. "Young Lady, don't do it. If you want Mr. Lucky Boy to turn into withered husk then, by all means, buy him the Rosta-Frei Knifes.. …. She did not do it. That's why we're #1. We at Rosta-Frei know how to sell knifes to womans.

In June I went to a ranch to sell the ranchermon Rosta-Frei Steel for his special knifes. I always have a folder in my pocket and I was not paying much attention. Next thing I knows, the ranchermon's dog is going after my leg. I could not stop him. I guess he think the leg is a Hallie Salassie dog. Finally he pull him off and lock him up. Mon, you have to be careful with that Rosta-Frei, it is a very potent steel".

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Old 01-31-2014, 10:24 AM
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Go to the sticky section above and look for American etc. Knife Makers and in it I have a post about switchblades that lists makers and dealers...Contact them.

Remember that possession of an automatic knife is illegal to own at all in a number of states, legal to own but not carry (even with a CCW) in others and only a few where it is legal to own and carry.

Sending your knife for repair just m a y constitute a Federal Offence...Unless it is an heirloom or bears sentimental value most switchblades were cheap, Italian made knives...That has changed in the last couple, three decades with some going for five figures and good blades in the $100 to $150 range...You just might be better off to buy a new one (if you're permitted to where you live).


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