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Old 11-21-2011, 03:12 AM
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Default Savage Revelation 135A

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So.. I was going to post about my first firearm purchase, a Marlin 795 that I bought 2 weeks ago.. but somehow it ended up being more of a review than anything else, so I posted it in the review section rather than in here!

INSTEAD.. I thought I would ask the collective wisdom of this corner of the interwebs about my *second* firearm purchase.. today, I found a Savage Revelation 135A, 15-round tube fed semi-automatic .22 LR rifle. Basically, from what I can determine, it's a re-branded Savage 187A sold through either Western Auto or Sears.

It's got some nicks and mars on the wood stock, but the bluing is in great shape (I'd say 90%) and the action is smooth. When I took it down to clean it, I did not see any signs of severe wear.. but I haven't fired any rounds through it yet.

My question to you is this: did I get a deal or a dud? I wasn't familiar with the model 135A/187A but I couldn't resist the price: I purchased it for $70 which included a zippered soft case.

Any opinions about the rifle would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your input!

Edit: Hrm.. my other question is: going from zero firearms to 2 in 2 weeks.. have I been bitten by the gun bug?!


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