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Old 10-18-2011, 03:14 PM
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Default SHTF and I'm at work...

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If your not always prepared your never prepared.

I spend a majority of my day at work, a two day hike from home. I have prepared a GHB with what it would take to get home in nearly any circumstance including maps with multiple routes, tarp shelter, alcohol stove, water boiling container, power bars, energy drinks, Glock 17 + 2 clips and loose bullets, KA-BAR, snugpack sleeping bag, etc. Basically no mater what happens I can get home.

What I am having trouble with is the situations where it would not be wise to go home yet. If there is a Nuclear, Bio, or Chem threat for instance, at home I am good for 3 weeks minimum with enough supplies afterwards to bug out to my hideaway. At work I am not. So I am trying to select sites to hide out in if SHTF while I am at work and would like your input.

Scenario 1 - Nuclear
- Site one : Old military building 12 blocks away. This would be the preferred site, I have seen the old bomb shelter in the basement. They are currently storing a 57 Chevy in it. The building is built like a tank and very few people know that it is an old bomb shelter. I’m talking 2 feet of concrete all around, and in the center of a concrete fortress in and of itself, two car garage sized space. There is a Boiler next to it with a 100 gallon water tank. Close two valves and use a third to get water for drinking and cooking. Perfect location IF I have early warning. I have timed it and at a casual walk I can get there in 17 minutes. Sprinting from office - to car trunk - to this building I could make it in 10-12 min. This is not the problem.
- Site two: this is the problem… if I am sitting at my desk and hear a big Boooom and then the sirens go off where is the best place to go? Do I spend in min. in radiation to get to site one, do I stay in the office building I am in? a two story brick façade building, I have a room picked out, it has the hot water heaters in it for H2O, not close to any window, good structural support, but not much in the way of shielding, or should I move to…
- Site three… Parking ramp. This is where my car is, the sides are open, but there are enclosed stairwell at each corner. The ramp is build out of concrete slabs. 9 inches thick with 2 foot support beams. The stairwells are surrounded by 9in thick concrete walls BUT there are Plexiglas windows every other flight once you get past the second floor and steal doors (heavy duty but not solid) on every floor. One stare well in particular has a water main running through it and a series of 4 flights of stairs before there is a window. I can pack a number of heavy duty wedges to jam in all of the doors to effectively lock them for security, they at least would not catch me off guard if I were sleeping. The plan here would be to pen up in the stare well as far from a window as I can get, siphon water from the main, and munch power bars till day four when it would be safe(er) to proceed to site one. Or would it be best to remain in this shelter the full 3 weeks before I would dare venture home. Would the 15 – 30 minute walk (depending on what obstacles I find) be worth the extra 15 inches of concrete?
- Site 4 : Abandoned cold storage building 2 blocks away. Have never seen the inside, but no widows on the outside. A walk around the building shows it is constructed of concrete block with a brick façade. With it being an old cold storage I imagine there is insulation beyond the concrete blocks. It does appear to have a basement (grates on outside show a deep hole with steal door under it) but if there is a usable water source I do not know. My “master key” (AKA wonder bar) would have no issues getting into a side door. Biggest problem here is I have never seen the inside, and cannot rely on a safe source of water.
Scenario 2 - BIO or Chem
I havn’t even gotten around to thinking about or researching this one yet, short of packing a bio suit and a box of filters in my EDC I think I will likely be screwed if this occurs and I am downtown. I think site 2 above would likely be my best bet here. It is easily lockable from the inside by moving a shelf or two… has a semi safe water supply… it’s secluded… Any ideas here would be appreciated. And how long should I wait before venturing out to get home?

So has anyone else considered SHTF at work? Any ideas for a small city downtown area survival? Would the duel pane Plexiglas windows two flights up make the 9in concrete walls useless? Any help would be appreciated.
Old 10-18-2011, 03:54 PM
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Get out of the target area. You dont give enough info to make a good judgment. Are you alone? Family? what area? What are the long term advantages? So many variables. It took us 7 years to find our property that we thought would be the best place to survive in America. Everyplace has good points and bad points. Trick is to figure out your exposure and figure out how to plan for those.
Old 10-18-2011, 04:42 PM
dustyrock dustyrock is offline
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this is why i am glad I work from home. Unless I am at a meeting or a job site and I am stuck in traffic trying to get home.
Old 10-18-2011, 04:52 PM
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What exactly do you carry for EDC? Is it feasible to keep your more extensive BOB in your vehicle daily (including possible NBC gear)?
Old 10-18-2011, 05:04 PM
paperclip paperclip is offline
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I have a small family. That stay at home 90% of the time and know what to do and expect if SHTF, and they know the route to our long term get away spot. Getting home would be a priority, but I know my family will be OK without me till I got there. I will be afraid to approach my own home in fear my wife would blow my head off before realizing it was me. I am in the middle of Nebraska. Closest likely nuclear target is 250 miles away, but we are within the fallout area. It’s not likely we would see broken glass but we would see radiation. If I am at home when SHTF I can be reasonably sure that I have taken enough precautions to outlive 90% of America and have an even longer term plan set up. My main concern is getting to that plan if it is not safe to travel home from work, and where would be best to stay in the mean time… Believe me if it is EMP or Civil unrest my a** will be home faster then most. I have gear for a nights camping, but also enough energy drinks and ephedrine to make the overnight gear unnecessary. What I am hoping to find are temporary spots I would be safe in till radiation starts to diminish or the gas starts to settle, or the zombies start to slow down or… you get the idea…

(No I don’t really think zombies will be a problem… just an example)

EDC is a pocket knife and a cell phone, plus the keys to my trunk... I keep my GHB in my trunk... already have a mask and two filters in there, but yes I could have a second bag in there too...
Old 10-23-2011, 06:23 PM
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If nuclear/radiological, it depends on the distance from your location and the wind. If far enough away and the winds favorable (not blowing in your direction), you would probably want to consider hiking/driving the two days or less to get home. Fallout may take long enough to get to you to give you time for travel. You would want to avoid the hike in protective clothing... you could figure it taking you twice as long if in mask and MOPP suit, maybe more. Maybe a mountain bike or even BMX type bike in your car would get you home faster. If you have to shelter in place from radiation, anything concrete and well sealed for short term, but needs ventilation if long term... probably best to just get the hell out of the city ASAP.

If chemical, do not use basement for shelter, as many chemicals will settle into low-lying areas. It is generally advisable (IF you have to shelter in place) to get to a room on the interior of a building (no windows) on the middle floors to get well above ground level and seal off all doors, cracks, etc. Again, ventilation is important if long term. Having (fast) access to your protective equipment is paramount... as odd as it might seem, it would be best to have it in the office, maybe in a locker, cabinet or drawer that can be locked.

If biological, get on your mask, cover all wounds with plastic and med tape, wear latex or similar gloves, wear lightweight protective suit (not absolutely necessary, but won't hurt) like Tychem or similar and get the #@$* out of the city.

As a side note, not a good idea to store mask and filter in hot or freezing trunk, heat will degrade the elastomers of the mask and dramatically shorten the life of your filters (if they have a carbon bed). I personally always have mask w/ hood and filters in my backpack with me in the building at work... extra gear is left in the car.


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