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Old 07-14-2008, 10:27 PM
matthew matthew is offline
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Location: Okoia a rural village just out of Wanganui New Zealand
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Talking Home Made ration pack

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Hi guys I have been making a homemade ration pack to use on my trips.
I will post some pics and what is in it but if anybody makes them what do you have in them ?
Old 07-14-2008, 11:33 PM
Ramius Ramius is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Pennsylvania
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I used to put together some ration packs, but I later found out it saved me space to bulk pack some basic items into a few containers.

For example, I may take a 1 liter Nalgene bottle of rice and another of grits. Combined with a small pouch of different seasonings, and I could be set for at least 2-3 days. Sometimes I'd pack a jar of peanut butter and a few granola bars for a high calorie snack.

Sorry, it's probably not the answer you were looking for though.
Old 07-15-2008, 12:42 AM
dilligaf2u2 dilligaf2u2 is offline
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All I need comes ready packed and ready to eat.

Old 07-17-2008, 12:58 PM
campingenthusiast's Avatar
campingenthusiast campingenthusiast is offline
canadian camper
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iv done this for a long time
main pack
-2 bags of cup a soup(snack)
-2 packs of oatmeal(breakfest)
-2 water flavour packs
-hot drink pack
-compressed towel(for cleaning)
-beef cube(seasoning)
-2 packs of oxo beef flv(also can be soup mix)

hot drink bag
-neocitrin(for those mornings with strip throght)
-2 packs of suger
-4 reg tea bags
-2 pepermint teabags
-2 oxo
-1 cold remondy tea
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Old 07-19-2008, 08:40 PM
Rifleman336's Avatar
Rifleman336 Rifleman336 is offline
This is a great survival forum
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Default I do it the old-fashioned way.

I can make a "civllian MRE's" but I edge twords either making "LRRP" (pronounced LURP) or C-Rats. Whats the differance? LRRP's are dehydraded meals that were the forunners of MRE's, they require water to reconstitute and eat they're light and compact. But if safe, clean water is at a premium then it's not a good choice. As far as C-Rats there heavier canned foods with some tea, coffee or drink mixs in a box. Now a real C-Ration is one box, per person, per meal. Things were ready to eat, but the cans were heavier and the cans themselves were a liability for the enemy could find carlessly discarded an tipping of you presence or it could be used a material in improvised bobby traps. If it's a conseren learn to bury your cans like the old soliders used to. If your worried about a traking dog finding it, he will have more than likely have your scent never mind the damn food.

Well mine don't for I make 1 box equals one days worth of meals, I use boxes that ketchup and mustard packets come in. It' 8 1/2 X 8 X 4 I think of the top of my head.

I buy MRE'S when I find a good deal on them, but I break them down for the things I like get rid of the stuff I don't like the stale candy, nasty potatoe sticks, the toilet paper that you can lose up your @$$, the redundent condents and or other stuff I don't care for. These go in my C-rat box. Along with ravoli,soup,stew,vegatablies, fruit,meats, dried fruits, side dishes, agratian patatos, what ever you like that can be eatten out of the can cold or hot. Yes, I put in grenola bars, cearal bars, wetabix, dry milk powders, jerky and some dry articals to need water in there to. I make a list of the contained items along with there experation dates, on 3X5 index card taped to the side of the box. Check them every three months for expiered or going to be expired items.

So what the advatage of these? You'll never have to pay hard earned cash for expired or stolen MRE's, you can buy and eat a much wider and better tasting menu than the goverment issue one which isn't bad but can always be better. That and after walking through different store (which offers different and unique items) and best deals ect. You can buy $5 if you all you have to spend per week versuses $80-90 for just 12 meals! It's your money and your decision. I know mine.

It's only limited by your imagination.

Rifleman 336
Old 07-19-2008, 08:52 PM
Rifleman336's Avatar
Rifleman336 Rifleman336 is offline
This is a great survival forum
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Dayton, OH
Posts: 1,092
Thanks: 384
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Default I almost forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also tape a P-38 inside the box lid. That's the WWII can openers that you can buy online at flea markets and surplus stores. Put one on you key chain and you're dogtag chain. Can't have too many when you need a can opener. Also if you don't have a mess set get one or pack plastic spoons or sporks in the boxes along with some napkins.

I can't believe I forgot to mention those "little, big" details!!

Rifleman 336
Old 07-20-2008, 01:32 PM
yeahyeahyeahyeah yeahyeahyeahyeah is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
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Personally, I'm liking the following dinner set up:

1 Can of tonno (tuna fish in olive oil)
1 "Simply Asia" brand noodle bowl. Discard bowl and plastic cutlery, keep the noodles, veggie and seasoning packets.
1 Small bag of bannock dry mix. A bit more than a handful.

This provides a hearty and filling meal, with lots of protein, fats, and carbs. Just under a thousand calories, to boot. Plus the noodles are pre-cooked and vac sealed, so you really just have to fry them up in the oil from the tuna cans. Then you can use the oil in the pan to panfry your bannock.

This will keep for a few years. Fits great in my billy can too.

I always take a bottle of brown rice syrup with me when I'm doing a multi day hike. You know those gooey energy shots that cyclists take? They're basically brown rice syrup. It might not taste great, but it gets carbs into you really quickly, and keeps you energized. Packs a fair amount of calories into a very small container. No substitute for gorp, but it will definitely keep longer.

I also bought a box of Emergen-C. Put a few packets in my bag whenever I'm going to be camping. Kills two birds with one stone: vitamins and salts. Sugar in them gives you a nice little boost too.

Dehydrated soup packets are another great camp staple. On a cold night (or morning) it's great to be able to have such a tasty, hot meal. And dehydrated soups pack really light. I haven't found any MSG-free bullion, but that would be great to thicken them up a bit.
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Old 07-21-2008, 06:51 AM
Adam_MA Adam_MA is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: MA
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Some good info here.. http://www.freezerbagcooking.com/
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