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Old 08-30-2011, 11:20 AM
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Default Survival minimum requirements

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Lets make a list of minimum required specs for gear and knowledges.

These are the minimum attributes you believe are acceptable, not necessarily the most ideal. I think this would greatly help newbies as a reference.


Water filter: x microns, good for x gallons

Defensive.firearm: x round capacity, x ft-lbs of muzzle energy.


Remember, minimum. I will try to clean this up periodically to bring the info to the top.
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Old 08-30-2011, 11:30 AM
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As far as firearms go, I think it's going to be impossible to come to a consensus on specs. I know what I would want, but that might not jive with someone elses opinion. If I had to comment on firearms, would say:

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, .22 (rifle or pistol), Make and model of your choice. A couple hundred rounds for each, except the .22, for that I'd have at least 1000 rnds.

As far as everything else goes, I've never thought of an acceptable minimum. I've never thought, "Once I have this much, I'm good." I'm just going to keep stocking as much food/water/supplies as I can until I run out of room, then I'll start burying it.


Make sure to learn to use your firearms, and start with the .22. Do your research, choose wisely, blah blah blah.
Old 08-30-2011, 11:35 AM
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Capability, not scenarios
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It's going to be tough coming up with a one-size-fits-all recommendation.

My armory: Two M4s, two shotguns, a Ruger 10/22, 9mm and .45 pistols.

I don't have a deer rifle; I don't expect to be able to use one to great effect (if we get to that point, EVERYBODY will be hunting deer and, I expect, the hunters who hunt them) and if I did have a chance at a deer, M4s aren't completely useless that way.

But suppose you live in an area where large game is very populous, human population less so, and it's reasonable to expect to be able to bag a few deer. Then a deer rifle would make all kinds of sense.

Does a deer rifle make sense for someone who lives in a desert? Possibly not. For someone in Wisconsin's north woods? Almost surely.

Not to throw cold water on your idea here, but in the end, you have to assess your own circumstances and come up with a plan that makes sense for your own set of circumstances. My armory is right for me, it may not be for you.
Old 08-30-2011, 11:39 AM
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Physical fitness minimum requirements: Whatever you pack, you are physically able to carry, and do so often.

You can spend thousands on good equipment, but it is worthless without the ability to use it.
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Old 08-30-2011, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Roger Wilco View Post
Physical fitness minimum requirements: Whatever you pack, you are physically able to carry, and do so often.

You can spend thousands on good equipment, but it is worthless without the ability to use it.

You have to make your body and mind ready before all else.
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Old 08-30-2011, 11:48 AM
yipsilon yipsilon is offline
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Water + knowledge.
Old 08-30-2011, 11:52 AM
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If you think a water filter is a min requirement...YOU AIN'T gonna survive.

Much more beyond a knife, gun suitable clothing for the climate and a total gear weight of about 40 lbs and you are starting to fall behind.

Now I now someone is gonna say, I am taking my gun chambered in 33-71 and each rd weighs 6 oz, but I carry a reload kit that fits in a US Army first aid pouch along with 99 gals of water in the same pouch, a kitchen sink, stove, AC, HEAT and all fits in a small butt pack weighing in at less than 3 each his own
Old 08-30-2011, 12:00 PM
10min'til 10min'til is offline
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Like most questions, the best answer to the OP is 'it depends'.

Depends on what you are prepping for, how many mouths you expect to have to feed, where you live, personal medical history, age, type of home, etc etc. Also depends on whether you mean survival of a short-term (<1yr) disruption in food/energy supplies, or survival in a post-SHTF world long-term after a complete societal meltdown.

But, a generic list, roughly in order of importance, to help survive a short-term disruption of food/energy supply, for someone planning to hunker down or 'bug-in':

1. water supply
--at least 1 gal per day per person, ideally 3gal per day per person
--could be a spring, hand-pump well, water storage/waterbob, river, pond, pool, rain-water collection or some combination of these
--also a filter such as a birkey etc

2. food
--some combination of freeze-dried, canned, and mylar-bagged dry goods potentially including rice, beans, oats, pasta, grains, soups, chili, potted meat, canned/jarred veggies/fruit, honey, sugar, salt
--goal of 2500 kcal per day per person for at least one month, ideally one year
--cooking method - camp stove, propane/butane, grill, solar oven, or wood-fired

3. shelter
--decide your strategy - hunker down at current home or try to make it to some outlying 'bug-out' cabin/location
--cold weather sleeping bags
--appropriate clothing/footwear

4. defense
--many options; most would recommend a shotgun and a handgun; perhaps a rifle or bow; plenty of ammo
--plenty of practice using them
--passive defenses such as fences, thorn bushes, reinforced locks/doors/windows, hidden areas in home or 'bug-out' locations as your situation permits

5. sanitation
--could be as simple as 5 gal buckets with a plan to bury waste

6. misc.
--medications, cookwear, flashlights, candles, flint/stricker, matches, lighters, books/survival info, seeds, pellet/BB gun, fishing gear, gas stored with stabilizer, etc etc
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Old 08-30-2011, 01:03 PM
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Awards Showcase
Outstanding Thread 
Total Awards: 1

Some Priorities

1st priority: Water. Store a lot, locate a reliable future source, get water treatment/purification. A few 15-gallon water drums, a couple of stainless steel water bottles with cups for the BOBs, a quality water purifier, either a high cap camping filter or a combination of a drip filter for the BIB and a smaller hikers filter for the BOBs

2nd priority: Food. No cook, add hot water only, & easy-cook shelf stable foods, heavy on meats, fruits, and comfort foods. For both BOB and BIB

3rd priority: Fire. Several means to start one, and a couple of items to contain fire. Fire steel, Lifeboat matches, lighters with some tinder for the BOBs

4th priority: Signals/Communications. Flares/mirror/smoke/whistle. A wind up radio with NOAA weather alert, AM/FM, Short wave & a set of FRS/GRMS or MURS radios works for both BIB & BOB

5th priority: Sanitation/Hygiene. Chemical toilet, TP, hand washing means, bug spray, antiseptic cleaners, shovel to bury wastes. Toiletries. Charmin camper’s toilet paper and cleansing wipes for the BOBs

6th priority: Shelter. Basic camping gear in case the house becomes unlivable

7th priority: Lighting. Wind up LED flashlights. Indoor & outdoor. a couple of crank flashlights for both BIB and BOB, candles, propane lanterns, battery lanterns

8th priority: Protection/Physical security. From wild domesticated animals, wild animals, and self defense in those cases where it might be needed. Training, weapons, defensive measures.

9th priority: Extensive first-aid kit, heavy on the trauma treatment. Medical: a good first-aid kit (Adventure Medical) for both BIB & BOBs

10th priority: Tools and Hardware. To get you out if you’re trapped in, to get in to someone that is trapped. Tools and parts to make and repair items.

11th priority: Season specific clothing.

And some unranked items. Your overall ranking might be different.

Morale/Welfare/Recreation: Games, some small toys and some paper and pencils, religious books, movies, books.

Cooking: Gas grill w/tanks, various camping stoves for home or field

Sleeping: Sleeping bags, cots w/linens, sleeping pads. a space blanket for each person for the BOBs

Heat/cooling: Means to maintain acceptable temperatures in home and in the field

Transportation: A vehicular BOV if possible, Motorcycles, bicycles, animals, on foot

LBE. Equipment to carry your equipment when in the field. Packs, travois, game cart

Sharps/Edged tools. Knives/SAK/Multi-tool, axe, saw, etc.

Cordage: 100+ feet of 550 cord for the BOBs, plenty of rope of several types for general use

Finances cash, gold coins, silver coins, several dollars in small bills for the BOBs, debit card

Intelligence & Navigation. Binoculars, maps, compass, GPS, monitor radio

Wild food gathering (fishing equipment/hunting equipment/game prep equipment, etc)

Spares. Spares for everything that uses consumables plus spare parts for critical items.
enough supplies for everyone when bugging out, a PAWV if money is no object

Barter: Items to barter/trade to get things you need.

Important Documents: IDs for everyone, Contact list, copies of insurance cards, etc. for the

Rappelling/climbing: Gear for those trained that might need to do some vertical work.

CBRNE/HAZMAT gear. Extremely important if needed, but expensive. Radiation sensors, Respirator, Tyvek suit, other PPE. Bucket, brush, bleach to decontaminate.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
Jerry D Young
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Old 08-30-2011, 01:15 PM
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Water Filter - its important to know "what" diseases you might run into.

Hepatitis A can live up to 100 days in water in ideal conditions. The good thing is, Hep A is not naturally occurring, the water has to have some kind of infected human source for Hep A to be present.

The majority of waterborne infections are caused by cryptosporidium. Cryptosporidium has a outer shell that is difficult for chlorine to affect. Because of the outer shell, cryptosporidium has to be removed by a filter. The good thing is, cryptosporidium is large and is easily removed.

If you are worried about viruses, a standard water filter will not remove a virus. You have to use a water purifier or a super filter to remove viral contaminates.

Personally, I would go with something like a royal berkey with 4 filters. The royal berkey is made out of stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about rodents chewing holes in it. The berkey light on the other hand is made out of plastic.

As for firearms, I think that would depend on your level of experience and your needs.

For most people, the 30-06 is the largest caliber most people can shoot well. Once you go past the '06 you start developing a flinch. Because of its low recoil, I like to suggest the 308 winchester. That is unless you live in grizzly country.

Its really difficult to beat a marlin model 60 or a ruger 10/22.

If I had to buy 1 rifle, it would be a coin toss between a Ruger 10/22 and a Remington 700 in 308.

For a handgun, I like the 9mm because of its low recoil. Just about everyone in my family can shoot a 9mm.
Our survival gear Section

If you have a question about the forum, please post it in this section.
General questions sent through private messages will be ignored.
Old 08-30-2011, 01:35 PM
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Bare minimum? I'm going to say my list is for the bare minimum of time, money and effort.

Store enough food to keep your group alive long enough to get through your first harvest.

Water is more important, so have a way to filter water that will last a year.

Everybody should own a self-defense gun and a couple boxes of ammo. I'm not starting a debate on what gun or which ammo is best, just please learn to use it.

A bare bones medkit should have a variety of bandages, antibacterial cream, burn cream, fever reducer, prescriptions, etc.

This is not ideal by any measure. Like I said, it's a minimum that is better than starving.
Old 08-30-2011, 05:53 PM
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Looks like the '18 wheeler' crowd has glommed onto this thread. I thought it said MINIMUM requirements

I have drank water out of rain puddles, branches, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, stock ponds, rice paddies, from Texas to Alaska, Hawaii to Maine, Europe, Asia and Mexico the only time I have used a filter was in Vietnam when we had to drink out of the paddies and then we filtered thru a Jungle fatigue shirt.

And NO I have NEVER got sick, the runs or anything else, least wise NOT in 55+ years.

SUGGEST you learn HOW to drink from an untreated water source.
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Old 08-30-2011, 08:23 PM
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Minimum can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

That said, I'm going to add something I think is a necessity that's often overlooked: Alternative transportation. Mountain bike, touring bike if you live in a highly urban area, kayak or canoe if you live near much water.
Old 08-30-2011, 08:59 PM
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Excluding Air (applicable for marine/water survival), my priority are as follows:

1. Water, Water filters and desalination, and purification pills.
2. Food
3. Medicine
4. Communication and navigational devices
5. Clothings
6. Tools and defensive weapons
Old 08-30-2011, 09:34 PM
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BOB pack, 3 days. Hikinig gear. Makes a great emergency kit for the vehicle. GOOD pack, 1-2 weeks. Backpacking gear with long term items like axe, fishing kit, etc. Usually freeze dried foods, trail mix, jerky.

Food for at least a few months, 90 days. That allows you to hole up in case of epidemic, power outage, etc. Canned foods. Rice 'n beans. Pasta. Everything you use, buy extra and rotate Gallon jugs of water, 5 gal water cans, canteens. 2 liter soda bottles, washed out, make great water storage More durable than the cheap gallon water jugs.

I'd recomend a Ruger 10/22 with a butler creek folding stock. $300 plus a few bricks of 22LR ammo. More the better, its so cheap- great practice. And if youre new to shooting, a revolver 357 (shoot 38 spl until proficient) or a reputable brand 9mm, Glock, SIG, even Taurus. A concealable 38 snub, compact 9mm or other pistol for concealed carry is also recomended.

If youre in the woods facing deer, a 12ga pump or a lever action 30/30 or 357 mag (uses same ammo as revolver) would be ideal. If youre in the mountains or desert, where need a longer shot, a 270 or 308 is good. 243 if recoil is an issue...

If elk/moose/bear, go 308, 30-06. AK47 might be the best 'do all' besides the 12 ga, which is also ideal for large game, big bears, with slug and 00 buckshot. Both will hunt deer, protect your family, and last through a war.
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Old 08-30-2011, 09:41 PM
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I posted essentially this same question not to long ago, here is my post:


shtf survival rifle, survival rifle, water filter, water filter for shtf

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