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Old 08-18-2011, 09:19 AM
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Default Diamondback DB9 Review

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I've been looking for a while to find a new CCW for my wife. She had a Walther P99 that was a great gun, but not very practical for her to CC.

We went to the gun show last weekend in Nashville and got a pretty good deal on one of the new pocket 9mm pistols by diamondback, the DB9. This thing looks like it could be caled a baby Glock. It has a polymer frame and a squared off slide. It takes down the exact same way as a glock does too. The DB9 is smaller in dimensions that the Ruger LC9 and feels better in your hands. It has a 3" barrel , and comes with one single stack 6rnd magazine. For me this was an easily pocketable gun and with a IWB holster it concealed well on my very small wife. My only minor complaint is that there is no LRBHO or slide release. We took this little gem home for only $375.

I stopped by the range yesterday to try out the DB9 and it rocks!

No malfunctions of any kind with a variety of ammo. I shot Blazer brass cased 115gr FMJ, Monarch steel cased 115gr FMJ, Federal nickle plated brass cased 124gr HP hydrashshock, and Remington brass cased 124gr HP golden saber. The DB9 not only looks like a glock but it seems to run like one too. No hiccups with any of the ammo. Even the dirty Monarch steel cased stuff ran fine, though it did seem to have a slower and less complete powder burn based on the increased muzzle flash.

The DB9 felt pretty good in my hands as well. My pinky slips off of the grip, but that doesn't seem to affect my hold on it too much. If it were my gun I'd shave down the little magazine pinky extension to make it flat.

When firing, the recoil is quick and sharp, but not painful. The trigger is reasonably stiff, but consistent and smooth, so shots were pretty consistent as well. Accuracy was about what you'd expect of something this size, not bad but nothing to write home about.

I'd like to put a couple hundred more rounds through it to get it broken in before I say it's ready for a fight. Initial indications are however looking very good for this little pocket 9. Overall I'd say this was a great purchase as a CC for my wife, and I'd like to eventually have one myself for those times it is not convenient to carry a compact double stacked frame.


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