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Old 07-11-2011, 08:24 PM
falconbrother falconbrother is offline
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Default Taurus TCP review

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I bought this pistol for concealed carry. I went looking for a KelTec 3-AT. They didn't have one. They showed me the Taurus, it came with two magazines and a concealed carry belt pouch. I was hesitant as I'm not that crazy about Taurus.

When I bought this gun I pulled the barrel off and polished it using a polishing wheel on my bench grinder. I also used a jewelers file and took the top, back corner off of the magazine follower slide lock.

I was afraid that the Taurus would have malfunction issues and not be the kind of quality that I was looking for. So far, I am extremely pleased with the function, feel and accuracy of this little pistol. My training is as a combat hand-gunner. Therefore, I have fired many rounds over the years in the dark, or by instinct, or by using the front sight picture only. This little pistol really exceeded my expectations for rapid, instinct shooting. It feels smooth, naturally returns to the target after each shot and I have yet to have a malfunction.

With all this said I learned from shooting Glocks that you have to keep a firm grip on a lightweight semi-auto pistol. The same is true with this pistol. Letting your wrist and grip stay loose could, I say could, aggravate the potential for misfeeds. In my experience, a firm grip allows the slide to complete a full, convincing cycle aiding the pistol in extracting and ejecting the empty brass and stripping off the next round. And, when the slide comes home the barrel is back on target for the next round.

For the money, this little Taurus is a winner.
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Old 07-12-2011, 10:56 AM
wchancey's Avatar
wchancey wchancey is offline
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I have had my TCP for over a year now and either this or my PT 709 Slim is my daily carry.

I have not had problems with either , So I for one like Taurus pistols I have three of them and they all have been good for me.

I have my own range and shoot the heck out of them and the TCP is right at the top of my list.
Old 07-13-2011, 05:15 PM
AquaHull AquaHull is offline
OTP Rebel
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I hate Taurus ,sent a 709 back ,sold it . Bought another one ,sold it . My PT-22 was replaced once after 4 months ,the new one broke after 14 shots . Buy a Ruger LCP . I have a backyard range also . YMMV with Taurus ,but they get a lot of practice with Customer Service so that part is good
Old 07-14-2011, 10:34 AM
ruffhunter ruffhunter is offline
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I just the bought the TCP too. Best trigger of all the plastic 380s. Painted the front sight orange. Very pleased with accuracy. I checked taurusarmed.com to find out a guy on ebay is selling magazine pinky extensions and a plus 1 round extension. I was a little disappointed with the machining marks left in the slide rail, but thats my only complaint.
Old 08-15-2011, 04:30 PM
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my wife loves her tcp. prefers it over the ruger lcp any day
Old 08-15-2011, 05:59 PM
mtncharlie's Avatar
mtncharlie mtncharlie is offline
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I tried out several of the little guns - The Kel-tec P3AT, Ruger LCP, Kahr P380, Taurus TCP, and the SIG P238. I chose the LCP because it fit my hand best. On price points, there's little difference between the TCP, LCP, and P3AT, the others mentioned are significantly higher. I didn't have a single ftf/fte in any of those I tried, but the recoil impulse was somewhat different for each. For me, the Kahr and the kel-tec seemed a bit snappier, and the TCP just didn't feel right. The SIG had a good feel to me, but at nearly double the price it just didn't make sense. For the most part, I think it is just a matter of personal preference, and I just happened to prefer the LCP. All these guns will do the job they're made for. If a person can, they should try several of them out and make an educated choice.
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