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Old 06-20-2011, 07:14 PM
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Default MOA Chart w/ Scope Adjustments for vertical

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I thought I attach an easy chart to use for calculating MOA/Click for vertical.

It is set for flat ground and not for shooting at angles, although the calculator can compensate for this.

This is for 1/4 scopes. If you have 1/8 then you'll need to double MOA/Click

First you'll need to get your bullets velocity by using a chronograph OR using your load manuals averages for the bullet/powder/gr.

Then you'll need to use a ballistics software program like:

This will allow you to get your inch drop for given distances and zero based on your rifle/bullet/velocity and altitude/temperature/barometric pressure.

Now all this doesn't have to be 'exact' (really it needs to be pretty close so don't over estimate your velocity) to get you on target at distance. But, the more accurate the calculations the closer to your target you'll be and the less adjustments you'll have to do.

So lets take a simple example of a .308 in 175 gr match w/ a 2600 velocity. The drop is 370 -390 inches with a 100 yd zero at 1000 yd.

So for the sake of argument we'll say that my bullet at my range, at my velocity, on that exact day and time, drops 390". That means that I need 146 click up from 100 yd or 37.75 MOA adjustment to get a 1000 yd zero. (find your drop in inches at your yardage column right then follow to the left for MOA/clicks)

So you wonder if your scope has that many clicks in it?

To test this you can find the manufacture's data and divide by two or you can actually count your clicks from top to bottom (best way)

Now you'll need to add another 1 MOA (4 clicks) up for 100 yd zero (this is an example). Lets say you have 60 MOA of total adjustment. That's a total of 240 clicks and 120 clicks center - 4 clicks for 100 yard zero = 116 clicks vertical left.

With 116 clicks left and you need 146 clicks you'd be 30 clicks short.

30 clicks x 2.5" per click @ 1000 yds = 75" or roughly 6.25 ft of hold over or you'll need a new expensive scope or a 20 MOA base.

Does all this mean that with a surplus ammo, a guess at your conditions, the internet, a ballistics calculator, some guy named Bob telling you Nam stories, and the included sheet that you'll walk out to the range and start hitting 10" targets at 1000 yds after basic math is applied?????

NO...sorry that takes actual practice.

But what this will do is allow you to understand the basics of how to get there so when you do practice you should be able to dial your scope in for a known range quickly.

HOPE THIS HELP - your mileage WILL vary and is 100% dependent on your actual rifle, bullet, range, condition.....and so on.

If you need wind drift then use the calculator and apply the clicks/in for the yds and practice, practice, practice.

Oh and by the way MIL dot center to MIL dot center is 36" @ 1000 yds.
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