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Old 05-18-2011, 09:10 PM
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Default Storing dried whole eggs

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There is a local company that dries eggs to whole egg powder. I am going to check with one of the drier operators to be sure but I think the moisture of the end product is about 5%. I am planning on using 5 mil. mylar bags, vacuum sealed with a oxygen absorber and then storing it in the freezer. Anyone have any ideas on other ways to package it for maximum storage life?
Old 05-18-2011, 10:04 PM
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the Auguson Farm #10 cans of egg state a 10 year shelf life sealed, up to 1 year once opened. They seal the can with an O2 ab in it.

I thought about sealign my own, but at $26 for two #10 cans sealed with O2s, thats a hard price to beat unless you have your own egg source.
Old 05-18-2011, 11:29 PM
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Mylar with an O2 absorber is exactly how the food storage companies do it. Minus the vacuum part of course which adds nothing and can cause problems.

When in doubt, ALWAYS pack foods like the food storage companies do and don't add any other steps. They're already doing it right and they have lab testing to prove it.

Diversions such as vacuum packing O2 absorbers or adding dessicants with O2 absorbers can actually ruin your food storage if not done correctly (I.E. mylar and O2 absorbers rated for a vacuum. Regular O2 absorbers don't work properly in one and regular mylar can leak under the stress. Dessicants at opposite ends of the food from the O2 absorber).

I know for a fact that powdered eggs have an exceptional storage life when properly packaged. I've been eating out of a can that was put away back in the late '90s and forgotten for years in a hot metal shed. Even after all the heat and age, it's still fine.
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