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Financial Forum Economics and Precious Metals

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Old 03-19-2011, 02:20 PM
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Default SILVER on the RISE again

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There were so many pressures pushing Silver down last week.

And they all FAILED

Governments and Large Banks sold large reserves (this alone should have crashed the market)

Paper traders sold many times actual inventory ( another attack on the price, which never lost more than 3%

Panic in Asia. People needing to raise cash in a hurry. Selling long held Silver and Gold.

As I said before; It all failed to tank the market

My main point is: The world is so crowded with buyers; that a flood of selling by the big boys, could not drive down the price of Silver much

With armored cars going to market, selling off huge supply. The demand was still higher. Most retailers are warning their customers of delays in receiving their orders. Saying; Sorry, we just can't meet the demand. We hope to fill your order in April as we scramble to find new product.

The mines in Mexico, Nevada, and Canada are working 24 hours a day. And still the demand can not be met.

This is a very good time to buy, even with high prems per ounce.

More QE is coming. It's the only plan they have.
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