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Old 02-19-2011, 02:18 AM
kingpin44 kingpin44 is offline
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Default Becker BK2 Mods!

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Ok so a few days ago I received my BK2 in the mail. I know that there are a few threads talking about it, but none are dedicated to customization and modification of it. The thing is a beast and splits and chops well and cuts webbing and all the stuff a survival knife does, it does pretty well.

However, some people find that the grivory is slick when wet. Some people have sanded down the swells to fit their hand better and taken hot tools (heated with fire) and made indentations in the handles. Some have made cuts on the handles, and some have made small indentations with a drill, using a small bit and marking off the depth with tape.

These are not my pictures, they are taken from other places from the net and I put them up here as examples.

What I have done so far on mine, is mostly to the sheath. I have added a leg strap. I had to do this on my own instead of buying one, because the leg straps that I found were 1.5" on the small side. The sheath has slots that are slightly smaller than 1 inch. I had some thick webbing (2.5mm) that was perfect for the slot (almost 1 inch wide).

Also, some people have said that the strap that attaches to the handle of the knife when it is in the sheath is too tough to buckle. What I suggest is getting this nylon part wet (just the nylon), then insert the knife, buckle and leave over night to dry. It stretches the fabric, but not to the point where it will break.

What I am working on now, is making the knife easier to pull from the sheath. I am thinking of taking off the grivory scales and sanding the back of them down slightly. It is a good idea to have a lot of resistance, so the blade doesn't fall out, but too much is a hassle. The handle's swells lock it into the sheath.

When I am finished with it all, I will post pictures and explain what I have done and why. Modifications should be done for a purpose and not for looks.

What have others done?
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Old 02-24-2012, 12:02 AM
Perkology Perkology is offline
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Talking Love my BK2!

Full View: Stippled the stock scales with soldering iron and hex-wrench. Stripped Coating. Hand sanded steel.


Close up on scales

Added Jimping with Dremel and Rat-Tail file

Before: First layer of patina - yellow mustard and 5% vinegar - Let sit for 30 min each side

After: First layer of patina - yellow mustard and 5% vinegar - Let sit for 30 min each side

Final Product - 2nd patina 5% white vinegar bath - soaked printer paper, wrapped blade, let sit 1 hour

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Old 02-24-2012, 01:03 AM
94formulabird 94formulabird is offline
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very nice!! i have the BK9 and im looking at some micarta grips for it


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