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Old 01-11-2011, 01:25 PM
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Default Winter Prep Check list

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2010 Northern Raider / UKSG1999
Wood cut and dried? Coal/ Firewood stocks ordered?
Gas bottles changed and refilled Gutters cleaned
Fencing and posts checked Window seals checked
Boiler (furnace) serviced Doors /windows draught proofed
Drains free flowing Spare candles / flashlights etc,
Emergency heating kit Snow shovel
Spare fuses/ circuit breakers available Shuttering for broken windows
Weather warning radio Clean solar/PV panels
Door Locks oiled Snow shovel /grit to hand

Extra food stocks got in case of snow / ice storm / whiteout
Prescription medicines gotten in
Winter clothing got out of storage and cleaned aired
Boots weatherproofed

top up / change antifreeze
tighten /adjust drive belts
tyre condition /pressures
Jet wash underside, valet / polish bodywork
check hoses
lube locks
change wiper blades
check M & S tyres condition if still in store
check your tyre chains
fit thinner oil if you live in very northern climes.
Check battery condition and leads
Check demister / de-icer systems
Degrease windscreen
Radio tuned to weather and traffic station
Sleeping bag/ survival blanket
Chemical light sticks / flashlights/spare batteries
Candle/ matches
Snow dye
Survival kit
Snow mats
Short Wave radio and spare batteries
Hot drink making kit

Vehicle spares, bulbs, belts, fuses, plugs, leads, oil, coolant, hose clips, hose repair kit, exhaust repair kit, cable ties, duct tape, snow chains, wheel brace
spanners / sockets and screwdrivers, sockets, tyre levers & tyre pump
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