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Default Iodine Method of Water Purification

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Water purification using Iodine crystals.

1 oz. glass jar (must have glass or bakelite stopper otherwise the iodine will
react with the plastic or metal stopper and destroy it.) Actually 0.1 gram is
adequate for the job, but using a larger amount of iodine creates a saturated
solution much quicker.
Put in 1 oz. (1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons) of water (at least room
temperature, body temperature prefered).
Close stopper and shake for several minutes. You now have a saturated
solution. A saturated solution is when as much solid has disolved in a liquid
as it can.
Carefully pour off 10ml (10cc, 2 teaspoons) of the saturated solution.
REMEMBER, the iodine crystals are VERY TOXIC! The reason that adding more
water than needed is suggested is so that you need not tip the bottle over too
far thus spilling some crytals.
Add the 10ml (2 teaspoons) of saturated solution to 1 liter (1.06 quart) of
Let stand at least 15 minutes at 77 degrees F. or higher. Make sure all
of the interior surface including lid get treated.

How to use ionic iodine to counter radioactive iodine contamination.
KI (potassium Iodide) (reagent grade is best)
one pound of KI = 3,500 doses = treatment for 35 adults or children for 100
Purchase crystalline or granular KI (reagent grade).
Fill a glass jar 60% full of KI (2 oz. of KI in a 2 0z. bottle *dark glass*)
Fill with water (90%)
Shake for two minutes.
Some of the KI should remain undissoloved (proof of saturated solution!)
1 drop of saturated solution = 28 to 36 mg. of KI
130 mg KI per day (4 drops) for Adults (FDA recommended daily dose), 65 mg
per day (2 drops) for infants under 1 year.
Radioactive iodine has a 8 day halflife, so 80 days = .1% (1/1,000)
Period of dosage, start dosage beginning of first warning of a radioactive
iodine release from nuclear reactor accident or nuclear bomb detonation,
continue until at least 10 days beyond most recent release of radioactive
Iodine 131 is recommended minimum, 100 days would be the most conservative
method of treatment. Having only doses for a day or two is VASTLY better than
none at all.

Water Purification Table form:

Will destroy water-borne pathogens including Giardia cysts when used as directed. Active ingredient: 99.5 percent Iodine Crystalline. Purifies up to 2,000 qts. A specially designed bottle with a thermometer determines the iodine solution and temperature. Wt. 3 oz.

PLEASE NOTE: If you live in the state of Iowa, we are unable to sell you any water purification system due to Iowa Department of Public Health Restrictions. We apologize for any inconvenience.



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Iodine Solution NOT for Human Consumption:

Making Iodine crystals.

New US Government Restrictions on Iodine crystals.

Buy your iodine crystals NOW

Regulations are tightening down on iodine crystals and strong solutions starting 8/1 tion=retrieve


Drug Enforcement Administration

21 CFR Parts 1309 and 1310

[Docket No. DEA-257F]RIN 1117-AA93

Changes in the Regulation of Iodine Crystals and Chemical
Mixtures Containing Over 2.2 Percent Iodine

AGENCY: Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Justice.

ACTION: Final rule.

Additional information and updates welcome.


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