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Default Cold Steel Natchez Bowie

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If there is one love of mine it has always been the Big Knife; I have had the honor of owning many along the way, a couple i wish i never got rid of ( Gerber Utility Bowie, SOG Tigershark), Anyhow, The Natchez Bowie just came to me with a real good sticker price of only $300.00 from a collector who was getting rid of his many blades. first off The Grip is a "Coke Bottle", style handle made of Micarta ( kinda smooth); at first it was hard to get a good grip, but that soon became easy. The fit and finish at this end is just excellent, The Blade is a very large and yet friendly 11 3/8" SAN MAI 3 steel; It is a flat grind and slices and dices very well; ( Ive often times wondered why we care so much about steel, after all we very rarely ever exceed the limits), as mentioned by many others this is a fighting Bowie, and yes it excells using Rapier like moves almost as well as my Belle Bowie, The slashes were devastating and the Chopping separated the two immeadiatly.
A very well made and balanced Bowie, I highly recommend you all look to his model as a true contender .
The Sheath is extremely well made and although it is a belt peg, the sheath stays secure and does not seem to come loose during speed drills ; just remember to angle the tip of the blade away from your love handles, If you have them.
Hope you love it as much as I do.....


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