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Old 10-19-2016, 11:57 PM
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Promise I'm going back to read every post on this thread. For now just let me say I have survived in central america 150 miles from the nearest outhouse, much less running water, for 6 months at a time. Brand new to the survivalist community and wanting to learn a lot. But as far as bugs, sleeping on the ground, purifying water, etc. I don't think I'd have a problem.
Old 10-20-2016, 12:04 AM
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This is such an individual choice and success will be based on nothing more than your will to be there. Nothing more.
I've learned a lot in my life. The most important is this, "if it has been done, it can be done."


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Old 01-10-2017, 02:21 PM
john thebaptist john thebaptist is offline
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I went almost 5 weeks in the woods. almost died!! Would be down to do it again now I know what I need to survive
Old 01-11-2017, 11:30 PM
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I'm new to this forum, but this thread reached out and grabbed me.

We live "out", and have for many years. Started with just the raw land. No running water (other than the creek that runs by), electricity or any abode other than a tent for three years. I miss it so much. We've built a structure, have running water and electricity now. It's kind of a burden. I spend far more time outside, in one of the gardens or with the chickens or whatever than I do indoors. Happy to be here, and hello to all. Always more to learn and share.
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Old 03-12-2017, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Baeten4 View Post
I have been searching and trying to find people with some knowledge for backpacking the country.

I have plenty of supplies that could be easily replenished but being charged to pitch a tent or to pick up and use dead branches for firewood seems alittle ridiculous. Yes i get don't cut down trees that are alive duh but come on it's dead and needs cleaned up anyway why charge someone for tidying up.

I would like to know of locations or good maps showing all of the free spots to pitch a tent and actually camp while I hike across this country. Any information would be highly appreciated.
Once you find your way to the west, you can stay on any National Forest Service ground or BLM land for 14 days, then you have to move someplace else. These lands are well depicted on local maps and there is a lot of it west of the Mississippi.


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