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Old 11-29-2016, 08:22 PM
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I am in the far southwestern corner of Missouri, eight miles north of the AR line and 20 miles east of the OK line if I can help. We are just west of Bull Shoals and Table Rock lakes in Missouri and just north of Beaver dam so the recreational areas abound.

We bought three years ago and moved here full time this past March. We are at 1200 altitude at the top of a ridge line. The ground is gravel and laterite clay and bedrock is just below the surface. We have a three bedroom double wide on 5.36 acres. The lot is half hardwood (oak, black walnut and cedar and some persimmon_ and half former pasture. Our 'lawn' has some grass but is mostly mowed alfalfa and bermuda. Our property tax is $296 per year.

We have added a 30x40 pole barn with a concrete floor (2 $21,000) a 27 circular 54" deep pool holding 19,000 gallons of water, an 8x8 underground concrete storm shelter (tornadoes are a serious event here) and a 23K whole house generator with a 325 gallon propane tank. Inside the house, we have added a Harman wood stove. I started cutting trees and drying wood for that three years ago and probably have 8 ricks in various stages of 'dry' right now.

Because of how high we are, drilling a well would be 'pricey'. probably $10K. We are going to do that but "someday".We have a public water district that brings water to the road at the property line. I ran water hose in a trench to the house and branched off two water freeze proof hydrants from the line to a point in front of the house and one in front of the pole building (now called 'the shop') both for fire protection and watering a garden . The pool is for recreation but also will provide potable water if we need it.

Fire protection here in McDonald County is by subscription. It's a private fire department and they will respond to your house fire (but it's all volunteer so there is a wait) and if they get there in time, they will try to save your home. In any event they will keep it from spreading. Subscription is about $65 a year and that means they will bill your insurance company if you paid for the subscription, if not, they will bill you. There are no fire hydrants in our area so home owners insurance is expensive, we are paying $1,900 per year.

Gas is normally cheaper in MO than in AR. Unlead is $1.67 in Joplin today, and $1.79 in Rogers. Sales tax in Benton County (Bentonville and Rogers) is a whopping 10.25% and only 6.25 across the state line here in McDonald County, MO.

Both MO and AR have personal property tax (vehicles, rec vehicles) which we did not have in Illinois.

There is no zoning commission where we live and they are no building permits needed or building inspectors. That's nice on one hand and can be a disaster if your neighbors are slovenly. You will see many nice properties surrounded by third world living quarters. I think the term "tiny house" was invented right here because there are an awful lot of people living in sheds.

I do like it here though.I am surrounded by State forest and could hunt deer off my front porch if I wanted to. I am building my own range on my property and it's perfectly legal. On the weekends, I hear more gunshots here than I ever did on the holidays in Chicago as a police officer. And I used to park under an overpass on midnights on the 4th of July.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Old 01-16-2017, 04:54 PM
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We moved to NW Ar from Texas 3 months ago and have no complaints. We're surrounded my chicken and cattle farmers!
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Old 01-16-2017, 05:00 PM
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When do you estimate the last frost ton around here? We're prepping our garden area and haven't met many locals that garden.
Old 04-30-2017, 07:27 AM
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I retired to North Central Arkansas many years ago and still love it. I like the fact that property taxes are frozen once you reach the age of 65. They also have a life time hunting fishing license for seniors that is just under $40. Some of the laws are a little off with Dry Counties and Blue Laws for selling booze on Sundays. With areas nearby that sell everything and the internet, I have it all. In my opinion the White Sup. are nothing to worry about. They would be your friend. There are a few problems with Meth Heads so be careful where you put down roots. There are a few good old boy networks who control what goes on in the area but being independent and not needing them makes you independent and safe. There are not a ton of good jobs so be careful where you move. Being retired here is easy.
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