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Financial Forum Economics and Precious Metals

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Old 12-11-2012, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by blue123 View Post
it's comments like this that make me wonder what planet you live on, what a ya sittin on yer butt on a Res, doin seasonal work part of the year, collecting unemployment the rest?
I understand what he is saying and even somewhat agree with it. The logical thing to do would be to look out for your own immediate self interests. We don't need to shed tears that the ultra rich may have a larger tax liability because proportionaly it won't affect them as much as the working class.

However, the inability to see beyond one's immediate situation and see the broader impact of these policies is one of the largest hurdles we face. People are very stuck in the "I got to get mine" attitude these days. They can't plan beyond their next paycheck (or reload of government benefits) so they have no concept of long term ramifications. People have no idea what sacrifice means, unless of course it's someone else doing the sacrificing.
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