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Originally Posted by Colt View Post
Toba is a fault line volcano with exceptionally dirty (sulfur rich) magma. It has a disproportionately large cooling effect. Yellowstone is a mantle plume hotspot with exceptionally clean (sulfur poor) magma. It has a disproportionately small cooling effect.
....Not to mention that Toba blew 75,000 years ago and the only way we know of it is ash deposits in the geological record.

I specifically skipped Toba in my original post because we have no historical record of the actual effect. We can only assume how powerful the Toba eruption was. Contrast that with Krakatoa, where we have very good scientific records and eyewitness accounts. We can verify the impact of the eruption on global climate by comparing data before and after. Krakatoa was a VEI 6, while Yellowstone is predicted to be a VEI 8.

My Original Post:

I hope that sharkeater and anyone concerned with Yellowstone will find it a helpful read.
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