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Old 01-31-2017, 11:20 AM
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I have an external drive hooked to my 2012 Mac Mini and it runs the "Time Machine" back up.

Plus I have another external drive that has another system back-up snapshot as well as (2) flash drives that have copies of all my files. These three items live in a Pelican case that also has room for the "Time Machine" drive should I need to pack it up.

(4) Back-ups?

Yes. I'm paranoid. And **** breaks.
Old 01-31-2017, 02:32 PM
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I use an Ubuntu box with 1 SSD ( the boot disk ) and 2 large HDD. Nice and simple
Old 01-31-2017, 04:58 PM
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The HP Stream is fairly new. Just no storage.
Old 01-31-2017, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by kalos72 View Post
Understood But if I buy movies from Amazon for example, assuming a SHTF scenario, are they tied to an Amazon connection or verification service? Can I watch them offline, assuming Amazon is unavailable.

I am concerned about file types and the like as well, for music I think thats a big concern. I might be over complicating the issue however...
For SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenarios you will not want to stream from the net obviously... you will instead be playing data files you have stored. Download a couple of players (I utilize VLC Player and Windows Media Player).
I have several thousand files stored on DVD... movies, series, instructional "How to" and informational stuff. You will want to purchase your data files from a vender which allows you to download and keep files... not just stream.
Old 02-04-2017, 07:13 PM
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How about books? I use Audible alot and buy alot of books for my Kindle. Anyone us any other services or software for your books?

I have started to work on a storage concept using 3 different media types, still need to work on the internal network type solutions though.

Old 02-04-2017, 07:21 PM
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I'm in favor of backing up information on 2 terabyte drives and storing them along with a device that will read them in a faraday type box with insulation to keep conduction minimized.

Either that or trust the government to keep me safe...
Old 02-06-2017, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
I own about 400+ DVD's. Of the ones I watch regularly I rip them to my hard drive. I have about 10 TB of storage on my network. Some are internal drives and others are USB attached drives. The format I use is .vob which allows the VLC program I use to watch my videos access the DVD menu in the rip. There are other programs that allow you to select the format and rip to AVI, WMV, or MOV. You can also select the compression ratio if space is a concern. Typically the larger the video file size the better the quality.

When I take a business trip I copy the files I want to watch onto my laptop. If needed I can always delete them if I need more space or want to watch something else. I keep the master rips permanently on the USB HD's. Over time I plan to have every DVD I own ripped to the HD.
I'm old school in the fact that I buy my entertainment media in the traditional form. Discs. Bluray, DVD, CD. The only exception is Kindle books, but they are on multiple devices and can be read offline.

Then I rip them to .mkv files and .mp3 files, put them on various external terabyte hard drives which are plugged into an Android TV box. Kodi lets me access all of it while relaxing in the La-Z-Boy. All my ripped music is also on the various portable devices.

I have one media room with high end audio, TV etc, and don't care about watching movies all over the house.

On the road, the tablet has enough micro SD storage for a movie or two. Or 20.
Old 02-16-2017, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by p95ccw View Post
I have:

Dell R710 Dual CPU 8 core server, 64 gigs of ram with 1tb SSD Raid 10

On that I run esxi for bare metal with the following servers:

Plex server
Windows box for a NAS, 12tb storage spaces pool. For media
Windows box for a linux download server/Ebook server.
Owncloud server
NGIX proxy server - To be able to access everything from the web.
OpenHab server
Backup server
Xwiki server
Couple of other testing linux servers

I use tivo and tivo minis for clients on each tv. So on all of my TV's I have access to Netflix,Amazon Video, Cable, DVR,Plex and all my music.

I pretty much want not for any media consumption. If I want to play one of my blue rays or dvds I dont have to get up and go find the disk and pop it in the player. I just fire up plex and I have our whole Movie/Media catalog on tap.
I have a very similar setup.

An R610 instead of a 710 (adding a 3.5" drive 710 soon for more storage and vmotion with high availability), using nextcloud over owncloud, using dyndns for easy access through pfsense, and I haven't quite decided what automation setup I want yet. Might go with a simple wink and with z-wave for what I need.

In terms of keeping data for the long term, the problem in my mind becomes a way to access it if you don't have access to reliable power. The many thousands of pictures people have now compare to say 30 years ago where it was photo albums printer is something that will likely be gone without everything needed to view it.

Let's say for example a power surge on the grid causes a few month long blackout regionally or even nationally. Most likely the majority of your devices you store things on would be toast. Might still have your phone if it wasn't plugged in, but try getting to all of your content on your iphone when the phone can't reach apple servers.

My practice is to do a once a month manual backup of all critical data (pictures, family videos, and documents) onto a few 256GB SSD drives inside external enclosures. Once is kept in a safe, one is kept at work. If the grid goes down, I have a laptop not plugged into anything that I can run off a car battery or charge via solar, and hopefully still be able to get to the data I want.


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