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Originally Posted by jdemaris View Post
Not many direct-injected turbocharged diesels with a mechanical CR over 17 to 1 that I am aware of.

In 1965, I don't think the technology existed to safely operate a gas engine at 13 to 1 on standard pump gas. Most of the hottest muscle cars I am aware of (or had) were maxed out at 11 to 1. I know GM made some special edition engines in 1963 primarily just for racing that had 13.5 to 1 like the first 427.
I thought the hottest engine Chevy offered in 1965 was the 425 horse 396 with 11 to 1 CR.
I found some credible sources and you are absolutely correct. Bad memory.
Old 01-28-2017, 06:45 PM
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There were supercharged 2-valve aircraft engines in the WW2 era which had pumping pressures that would equate to 15:1 in high blower. They got away with because the geometric compression ratios were only 6:1 or even less, so the combustion chambers weren't in the shape of an orange peel. The pistons were either flat-topped or even concave. They also added alcohol/water injection to keep down detonation and help with cooling when the engine was throttled up to War Emergency Rating, a power level that the pilots were allowed to maintain for only ten minutes or so. Long enough to escape that Zero or FW-190 which had you boresighted. When (well, if) you got home, an engine change was required.


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