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Old 01-20-2017, 12:45 PM
Zef_66 Zef_66 is offline
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If you are ****ed off that a 17 year old vehicle that you only paid $2000 for needs some work, then you need to re-evaluate your expectations.
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Old 01-20-2017, 12:59 PM
cheepsk8 cheepsk8 is offline
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Default No way!

Originally Posted by D2wing View Post
I bought a 2009 2500 HD that looked good from a friend. He said it came from a mining company. Needed a little work. A minor electrical problem turned out someone jacked the electrical system. three shops and $2000 later turns out it needed serious rewiring , fuse box replaced due to corrosion, and a chassis control module. Oh and a bad u joint turned into a transfer case, another $1400. The good news it is great now and since I got a great deal in the first place I am ok.
There's no way in hell I would buy any vehicle that saw service in a mining environment! Those things get beaten all day everyday! You would be surprised how much mud and snow a school bus can go through when you just hold the throttle Down! Then when you get stuck, just hold throttle down while shifting from forward to reverse.
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Old 01-20-2017, 01:24 PM
ajole ajole is offline
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I think some people have some rose tinted glasses on....

When I was a kid, you KNEW the motor would be shot after 75K....but you could rebuild it then.

Now, motors commonly do over 200K, many do 300K, but you really can't rebuild them. Heck, there's not even a TUNEUP until 100K for some of them. Which is good, because YOU can't do the tuneup without special tools and stuff.

Also...my 3.5 liter motor gets 30 mpg and pushes nearly 300 HP. Any of those 20th century motors do that? No, they did not.

I wish the new trucks weren't $50K or more. I wish used trucks with 120K miles weren't $12 grand or more. We all know some old car that lasted forever, or remember fondly being able to not only see the spark plugs, but being able to reach them. And we all know of some newer car that died fast and hard.

But the idea that older vehicles were "better" or lasted longer than newer vehicles, in general?

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Old 02-20-2017, 12:04 PM
frubes frubes is offline
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Originally Posted by Lt. Drake View Post
2000 Nissan X-Terra...or "The X-Terror" as it's come to be known at my house...

I bought this heap o' parts less than a year ago, from a neighbor known for keeping good care of his cars...who either filed to observe or fail to mention the rust on the frame (my fault for not crawling underneath it before buying). At least I looked under the hood, and saw not a drop of oil or any other fluid on the engine. It purred like a kitten, and only had a little rust on the fenders. 4wd worked like a dream. Two grand later, it was mine.

Three weeks later, the brake was rubbing on the front driver side. The guy I bought it from paid to have a mechanic change the brakes, which were well-worn. Two months later, the driver's side window was rolled down, ne'er to be seen again.

Then a brake line broke.

Then another.

Then the power steering pump began to leak...badly.

The muffler broke loose from the tailpipe and split along its seam.

Then the headlights and running lights began to blow, a result of an elusive paranormal short circuit that has so far baffled mechanics. The rust began to grow worse, and now spreads like a cancer over the fenders, who threaten to any minute lose their feeble grip on their inners at any moment. An upcoming trip to the car hospital is now planned because Nissan thought it would be a great practical joke on mortal X-Terra owners to locate the #6 spark plug in a place where only god and engineers can get to it.

Fortunately, I know how to fix it once and for all. An early-to-mid 80's full-sized 4wd...something. Ford...Chevy...Pickup...SUV. When the taxes come in, the Nissan is OUT, and so help me Cerberus, I will never buy another vehicle made after 1989 as long as I live.

Had to have a rant there...

So, anyone else have similar problems with X-Terras or modern cars in general?
Had a 1999 Corvette with one problem after another. Three dealers and GM kept telling me the parking brake not working was because I wasn't pulling the handle up hard enough. At 70,000 miles I went to change the back pads at a 4th dealer and they pulled the rear rotors/drums to find the parking brake had been installed wrong - GM refused to pay to fix it, despite complaining about it from 1,000 and every 5,000 miles since. I'll NEVER own another GM product. Won't even rent one when out of town.

BTW: Your Nissan is made by a French owned company operating in Japan - Renault! One POS being made by a bigger POS. When Nissan was making LOUSY cars they got into serious financial problems, so the French helped them out and the overall quality improved somewhat, but the actual materials used to make the vehicles suffered mightily. Hence broken brake lines, rust everywhere, etcetera!

Honda and Toyota is the ONLY way to go, IMHO, for normal transportation needs. My 2004 Tacoma 4x4 was sold at 10 years and 130,000 miles because I needed a bigger cab since I married into 8 grandkids. My 2014 Tacoma 4x4 has 40,000 on it (including a cross country run from El Lay to Denver, Chicago, Toronto, Niagara Falls/Buffalo, Dallas, Albuquerque and home. NOTHING has been wrong with this vehicle outside of the wiper blades wore out the first year and the d4ealer in Springfield, MO gave me a set with a smile when they changed the oil.


breakdown, car, nissan, truck, vehicle, x-terra

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