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Old 11-19-2016, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by dontbuypotteryfromme View Post
We are trading reliable for emp resistance?

Buy the car that everyone else buys. (within reason) for me that would be a Toyota.

Then there are more parts. And more people who can fix the thing.

And you get to blend in with everyone else.
Originally Posted by tedlovesjeeps71 View Post
As in Camry? Number 1 most often stollen vehicles in the us? Pass. Lol

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Originally Posted by KyrieEleison View Post
I'll agree with you here, Ted. I suppose what I'm ultimately looking for is simplicity. Something we can do a patch job on if necessary. Doesn't have to look pretty or stylish. Just has to work and be able to be fixed by a couple amateurs.
I somewhat agree with DBPFM (there's a first for everything, I guess ). There is nothing more inherently harder to fix on a Toyota than a Chev. They are both fuel injected, and the old throttle body GM, are fairly old.

A 1st gen Tundra is very reliable, has better clearance than most new trucks, and is good on fuel. You can easily put another "fill up" in the back of the truck via Jerry cans, and haul quite a bit. A fair bit of cab room if you get a 4 door also. I wouldn't worry too much about EMP. The lunatics don't have the tech, and the chances that they will anytime soon, not be stopped and hit close enough to your truck are slim.

The Suzuki XL-7 are good tough vehicles too. Frame on body construction, nimble and reliable. Not as fun to work on as the old ones, though. But if you don't fix the basics now, I doubt you will be fixing a carbureted truck either.
The older ones with the 2.7 are short on torque though, and the 4x4 low only has a 2:1 reduction. 2.5, or 3 would be better. Not a great choice if you want to run bigger tires, as it's a little low to the ground too.

Nissan X-terra built on the Frontier chassis are capable, and have good power.

The Yukons wouldn't be a bad choice either. They are a bit low, but have good power with the 5.3 l and good off road "truck tires" are a little easier to find and run.

I would probably keep the better Volvo, as you don't really get to pick when you bug out. If one vehicle is in the shop, even for something minor, it's unavailable.

Whatever you pick should be a little bit bigger than you think. By the time you get all your stuff in there, recovery gear, tools, and spare gas, fluids, etc. you'll be full.
Old 12-26-2016, 07:40 AM
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There has to be a reason all the terrorists drive Toyota pickups. ISIS jihadis probably aren't the most sophisticated people in the word, but they seem to be able to keep them running.
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Old 01-02-2017, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by DuneElliot View Post
Instead of going to "old and unreliable" find a 10yo vehicle with moderate miles that was well taken care of. Around here, at least, they seem to be everywhere so you may have to travel to find one.

I have a 2003 Yukon that is a great daily driver, cheap(ish) to fix, four wheel drive and would potentially be a great BOV for someone. The difference between my car and some others is that I have taken care of it. There are some really nice older vehicles that have been well-maintained if you know where to look...out west being a good bet four SUV's and trucks since that's what most people drive, and we don't have the rust issue.

Yukons and Tahoes seem to be pretty good vehicles from 15 years ago...mine has had small but easy to fix issues, and certainly not a money pit.

My daily driver is a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ. It has a bit over 120k on the odometer, i have replaced an alternator, low oil switch ($40) dealer wanted $400! It took 25 minutes, and a wrench. I have a trouble code for the evap that comes on in the cool
AM, never after it warms up. My "service 4wd" pops up. After a brief timeout and a restart, 4wd works. I can swap the sensors there for less than $150, if it is the two that I believe.
Either way, she still runs like a top. I added a Kenwood Double DIN stereo with Maestro Module last summer. I can reset trouble codes, monitor 98% of the systems and has nav. I haul my BOB, GHB, MedKit(I'm a medic), an SKS and my fire gear daily.
I would rather have a smaller Jeep Cherokee, or similar, but the Dirty Ho is great! I leave my 2004 TJL at home, 3.5" lift and 35" tires are not conducive to mpg, or good mph!
Wife has a '14 Cherokee Limited, it's loaded, and a sweet ride. Not a practical BOV, but she works 1/2 mile from home. If tshtf, she can get the TJ, or CJ5, and Head out Ricky Freakin Tick!
I love the 80's K5 Blazers, just a great machine. The Older Wagoneers and the like are amazing, and the Rovers are dang fine. GoblinX has a love hate relationship with his.
Best advice, test drive a few, over a weekend if you can. Our dealer lets us take ours for a few days, just to be sure it's what we want.
Good luck and enjoy!

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