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Old 01-07-2012, 08:55 AM
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Default Canned foods vs Mylar bagged foods

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Looking to add a 3 month supply of freeze dryed foods to our long term supplies. Really like the bucketed freeze dryed (Wise) that have the individual mylar bags vs the 10# cans. My questions are?? Will the 10# cans hold up to Missouri humidity? If you open up a 10# can how long does the opened can last? Looking at cost comparision, Which way is the better buy? 10# can or bucketed mylar bags?
Looking at Mountain House,Wise,Walton Feed. I would appreciate any other companies that I should be looking at? Again I would like your opinions on the bucket vs cans is my main concern. As always, Your help is appreciated. Could not have gathered the information in years that I have gotten here in months. Thanks.
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You can do the math to figure out which is the "better" buy.

I'd be very careful with some of those foods, esp. the Wise foods. Read the nutrition labels and see what you're really getting. Pay attention to three things:

1. How much sodium a serving gets you. We tried some Wise food, and it turns out that you get up to 49 percent of RDA of sodium in one serving. My wife said it tasted so salty it made her mouth hurt. I liked it better, but nutritionally it's not that great, IMO.

2. How many calories do you get per serving? In a lot of these foods, the servings are not that large, and the calories not that significant. In a SHTF scenario, you're likely to need 2000-3000 calories per day depending on workload--or even more. If you're buying such food whose servings might provide 200 or 250 calories per serving, how many of those do you need a day to suffice?

3. Check the price per serving which ultimately translates to the price per calorie. I find much of these things to be remarkably expensive for the amount of calories you get. There are some arguments in favor of at least some dehydrated or freeze-dried foods (low weight is the key one), but my gosh--in some cases you might be looking at $15 or more per day to feed a single person.

I've added some of these things in #10 cans, but not a lot--it's just so expensive for what you get that I think my dollars are better spent in storing rice, beans, wheat, potato flakes, popcorn, lentils, split peas, dried milk, and so on in mylar in 5-gallon buckets.
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Old 01-07-2012, 11:57 AM
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Goose3 has some good points.

I don't think getting freeze dried meals is necessarily a good idea for some of the reasons he mentioned - unless you are getting backpacking food for bug out bags.

What I would do is basically get some things freeze dried, like fruit, veggies, etc., for long term storage instead of meals. Then package some of the items that are already dry and shelf-stable, like legumes (I like lentils a lot more than read beans, but I also buy some mixes), some grains that you may use (I like quinoa), rice - that kind of stuff, and then put it into a mylar bag - vacuum sealed and/or O2 absorber with desiccant.

Then if SHTF you can use both to prepare the meals as you like instead of how the packager liked.
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