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Food and water Discussion on food and water storage, water purification and related topics.

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Old 05-21-2017, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by RavenTS View Post
Look for the ANSI/NSF Rating. Usually printed on the box or filter. NSF/ANSI Standard 42 means for Aesthetic Effects and is what most Brita and Fridge filters are rated for. They do not filter bacteria or viruses.

NSF/ANSI Standard 53 is for Health Effects. Filters passing this standard filter bacteria and/or viruses. Always go with ANSI 53 when water is unsafe.

This is a quick and easy check when researching filters.
Or just the basic understanding that proper water filtration is a multi-step process.

Safe Water = Sediment Removal > Biological Remediation > Toxin removal.

Quit looking for markers, codes, or buzzwords. Learn the actual process instead. It's just not that hard.

And a +1 on the Berkey Black filters, never had any issues with questionable water.
Because you had it lab tested, right? Your mouth is not a mass spectrometer.

Many toxins are odorless, tasteless, and/or colorless. Damage from toxins is not the same as illness from parasites. You can be slow fed arsenic until you are dead without you knowing until it is too late. Arsenic poisoning was a common poisoner's weapon in the 1800's. These days we have hundreds more chemicals to choose from.

Biologically, you don't have to become violently ill to be infected. Some will just take up residence and mess with your health for decades.

Saying it tasted great to you means exactly and only that. It just tasted great. It means nothing about the safety of it. And you can't expect Berkey to assure you. Berkey has never made anything. Berkey just buys its filters from China and its urns from India.

The only inside expertise that Berkey has is how to put a unit into a cardboard box and how to advertise it.

I'm not trying to pitch another brand. Any US or Euro brand is better than Berkey. The black filters do not conform to well established filtration practices. Embedding the carbon inside the ceramic creates flaws over time. And most everyone who likes to rave about them are just using it to filter tap water. Municipal tap water isn't a threat. The city already did the heavy lifting.

The smart plan is to buy your water filter from a company that has actual expertise in making filters and that they make them in America or Europe. Who does this? Every brand but Berkey it seems. Berkey is the only one that doesn't confirm to Western manufacturing and testing standards.
Need more info? Try this:

Search using Google, type "" in Google's search box, followed by the search parameters. You can use all normal conventions, limit searches by date, etc. Works quite well and beats the native search function.
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Old 05-22-2017, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Usmc1968 View Post
I used Big Berkey and Aqua Rain gravity filters in Mexico for two years and never got sick. We added 4 ceramic filters (Aquarain filters work in both BB and AR), cleaned them regularly but never had to replace; Even after several thousand gallons
Some of the water we put in the top container was nasty but the filters did their job.
They are bulky and work best when staying put, but they work well! If you want to be extra safe add a water purification tab to the top container.
My 2C
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The Aqua Rain filters (and, I suppose, the Berkey) WILL filter out viruses, but only because viruses attach themselves to larger organisms that won't fit through the filters. Unattached viruses can still pass through, and boiling or chlorine won't kill all of them. But since most waterborne diseases are caused by bacteria, which WILL be filtered out, those viruses aren't much of a concern here in the US.


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