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Old Today, 11:14 AM
Woofbarkenarf Woofbarkenarf is offline
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That cover certainly does pop! The bright color draws the eye with a "look at this" statement.
Through reader will "get it" if they read certain excerpts from the story.
I like it.
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DCBourone DCBourone is offline
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Default Comment Woofbark

--Pop, yes, I hope so--also most covers are 'generic'--little if no connection
to actual story--will have other versions this cover/colors/text size soon, but basically this will be the/most likely/first cover.
Old Today, 12:49 PM
Mourning America's Avatar
Mourning America Mourning America is offline
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I like the cover:

* The Yellow is striking--it grabs the reader. I cannot recall seeing much like this. This leaps out at you. "Brilliant" in every way.
* The verbiage is striking--hitting key buzzwords. Use of "post apocalyptic" is essential.
* With the yellow, it looks like "bones" holding a gun--although it's really a glove with paint. I like the "bones" concept.
* Books 1 & 2--"right up front" you tell the reader: "Hey, this is a good deal, and this is a BIG novel."

Print it and we'll buy it, rave review it, and pass the word along.
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Old Today, 01:42 PM
DCBourone DCBourone is offline
Join Date: Oct 2014
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Default Comment Mourning/A

--good to see you Mourning/A and I know we both have other ideal covers in our minds--I am very happy you see the elements I was hoping for--if all goes well I would hope that someday I can 'customize' covers in print for different readers--I would very much like a historical/MourningA/tortminder/symbology cover someday, but I fear it would not be intelligible to a lot of readers. Also this book is only the first in this "world"--and I am trying to find a scheme/vibe/text/pic that is translatable across other books in this world, but with different characters. Because the Gehrs are a kind of 'traditionalist'--the 1911 is one 'symbol' I am hoping to maintain/resurrect/render as a 'constant.' Small note:
in age of plastic guns, 1911 utility/future somewhat misunderstood. It can be maintained with a hammer, slivers of tool steel, and files. The springs can be pulled/re-tempered/rewound. Only the barrel and frame require extensive tooling. I know personally of one Colt frame with over 170,000 rounds out. The frame has been 'wedged' a few thousandths open, twice, the rails re-shaped, and the slide has been 'pinched' once. Bushings, lugs, etc. are all fine. A very sturdy weapon. Barrels almost impossible to shoot out--.45 ACP a very low pressure round. And so on. Glocks and a bucket of parts would serve same function...but....but....nah.
Old Today, 03:07 PM
raccoontrapper2016 raccoontrapper2016 is online now
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I really like the newest cover. Like others have said it really pops and grabs your attention. Probably my 2nd favorite cover you've showed us thus far. If you look at the covers of other books in the shtf/apocalyptic/post apocalyptic genre a major theme is darkness and explosions. To name a few James Rawles patriots, founders, and ex patriates, survivors and liberators really show this. John Matheson's series (one second after, one year after and the final day) definitely have really dark covers. Heck, even injured reserves has a mostly black cover. A potential reader scrolling looking at dark cover after dark cover, and suddenly this yellow background with a skeleton hand holding a gun. Huh? Definitely should stand out.


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