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Old 04-02-2017, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Goblin X View Post
probably the ceramic bar out of the back of one, behind the heating coils. eiter rod style or plate style, my uncle used the plate style, said it gave him 4 different surfaces to use and the one he had would fit in a jacket pocket....
It's really nice to see some of the things the "old timers" used before we went and made things so complicated 👍

Those kinds of things worked then and still would today.
That's all that mattered to them.


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Old 04-02-2017, 10:45 AM
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know what ya mean Cliff. Its got to tha point of almost being a fashion show now.
got told about a sharpener called "The Wicked edge" with the Term, "hair popping sharp" being thrown in every other sentence. It was intriguing. I watched the video.
then i saw tha price tag. almost 800$. I can be intrigued for a whole lot less.

and to top it off, ya still had to shim in certain grinds......
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Old 04-03-2017, 09:25 AM
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Pocket size Arkansas stones (1x3 1/2x3/8) will do in a pinch, providing you don't break them because they are brittle. Which is why I went with the Smith sharp. Although I still have a few of Arkansas stone, they usually ride in the bottom of a pouched sheath tin as backups.
Old 04-03-2017, 01:43 PM
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I've got one of those Arkansas ceramic rods and another Smiths diamond rod in the mail due tomorrow. Can't wait to try out the ceramic rod. Bought a pair for my brother too to put into his goodie bag.
Old 04-04-2017, 10:50 AM
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Here are my and a popular 5 pocket sharpeners, I've had these 5 along with many others for a long time and used them over a few years now so this is a review based on their extensive field use on carbon and various stainless steels.

I have ratted them out of 10 and give my recommendations at the end.

Lansky pocket Arkasas stone (far left) 10/10 exellent all round, use dry or with water or oil, for best results and a really good edge, use dry first then use wet or with oil.

Fallkniven DC3 (bottom centre) 8/10 diamond grit wears down to fast, I don't like the ceramic side.

Smiths carbide and ceramic (top centre) 4/10 pretty much useless except for the flip out diamond rod that's good to sharpen serated blades.

Diamond rod from B&Q (bottom right) 6/10 if you push to hard a lot of the diamond grit comes off/wears down off but not all is lost as it then becomes a very fine sharpener, one side is flat the other curved with a grove for sharpening fish hooks etc. I gave it 6/10 for low cost.

DMT diamond sharpener double sided, fine & extra fine (top right) 10/10 can't fault this in any way, works better after a wash in soapy water after heavy use.

My recommendation. . . . If you want just one pocket sharpener for all your uses get the Lansky over the fallkniven, the lansky also has groves on one side to sharpen hooks etc.

If you want a sharpener for a stainless knife with harder steel than 420 and 440 you will be better off using a diamond sharpener over a stone, (a stone will work it will just take more time and effort but I think it's worth it as you get a better edge) get the DMT double sided pocket sharpener in medium & fine instead of the fallkniven as my harder steel knives have took the diamond grit off the fallknivens DC3 and DC4 sharpeners but not the DMT's
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Old 04-04-2017, 11:00 AM
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I made a new strop today to see how far I could push a polished edge. Took a section of an old one piece leather belt glued it to a board and put macguires metal polish on it made for motorcycle chrome. I made two D2 blades I got mirror polished edge now. I've found polished edge D2 stands up to what I do better than any steel edge wise, especially when convexed like I have all my edges. I've never had a toothy rough D2 edge, so I have no clue where the internet got that from or why it constantly repeats it

For away from home I'll use a stone I picked up from lake Hurons shore. It's perfect. Or I'll throw a sharpmaker medium rod in the pack and leave the rough edge fixing and polish stages for home.
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Old 04-04-2017, 07:26 PM
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" shipped with a toothy working edge" check out www.greymanknives.com
any of the fixed blade descriptions. thats on .250 thick, chisel ground, 1095.

I never figured that out either...........

put a polished edge on the one i picked up. I had to reorder me some strop paste (yellow)
I have one brand i really like, comes from tha UK and i got low doing a D2 knife and the Greyman..... Haryali London Straight Razor Yellow Strop paste. It doesn't cakeup on the leather, it keeps it supple as well. and ive had the same strop since about 1980
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