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Old 01-12-2017, 09:23 PM
bushboy34 bushboy34 is offline
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Laptop computer and a good stock of movies on DVD. Laptops don't take much power. Should be able to keep it charged up with a medium solar panel.
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Old 01-13-2017, 01:42 PM
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I agree.....A Lap Top computer plays DVD movies and a Solar charger connected to a deep cycle battery and inverter would recharge the Lap Top.

It sounds like your husband is pretty good with his hands so here's a few suggestions.

Have your husband take up the Paracord crafting, such as survival bracelets, key chains, rifle slings and other stuff. A Cobra weave is easy to do and fun. Lots of videos on utube showing how and it's relatively inexpensive. Wallmart has 100ft of paracord for $8.99

Leather crafting was another good choice, it occupies your mind and makes time fly plus there's a lot of gratification and pride in making your own stuff, something as simple as a key fob to making leather cases. However the leather itself cost a lot, but you can supplement by going to yard sales and buying old leather items such as purse's, belts, jackets and recycle the leather.

My dad likes to buy old beat up rifles and shotguns and when it's cold and he's snowed in he refinishes the stocks. You can buy a stock refinishing kit, they are pretty inexpensive.

Give him a 25lb sack of beans and have him count them, tell him you want to know how many beans are in a sack, then grab some mason jars and have him see how many will fit in a jar, tell him this way you will know how many jars you can fill off a 25lb sack.

Another idea is pick up some cheap 1x2 wood, a miter box and some screws or nails at home depot and have him make you some storage crates.

It's all about keeping the mind occupied, if he starts complaining real bad just hand him a snow shovel and tell him to make a path to the car or to the hen house (If his heart will allow it) or find something for him to fix in the house, Heck! break something when he isn't looking just so he has something to fix...LOL
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Old 01-14-2017, 11:25 AM
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As already said, a generator and fuel to last many weeks. If you can afford it have an electrician wire your house so you can run the whole place from a gen big enough for the job. This will give husband his usual entertainments, as well as running your normal appliances.

Is it possible to stock up on his meds for a long time?

As for getting out when snowed in, can you afford to add cat treads to your vehicle [see link]? Or a snow blower? Is your truck a proper 4 wheel drive with a low range box and lockable diffs, or a 4WD without them? Do you have snow chains fitted to the tires? If it doesn't have them you may want to see if you can get one that has these extra features.
Old 01-14-2017, 05:48 PM
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dude dude is offline
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Originally Posted by Ramona M. Faunce View Post
It all started Monday, January 2nd. It started to snow, and snow, and snow. By 7:30 pm the internet was out and a few minutes later the electricity was out.

................ snip ....................

I will continue with our saga over the next few days.
OK Ramona M. Faunce, been 4 days since your last post here. Hope all is well, would be good to hear from you.

Course, if you don't have internet or even cell service, (cell service is sporadic at best where my place is), well then, it'd be hard to post.
Maybe snail mail ..... j/k

Again, wish you and the hubby well. Your'e in my thoughts and supplications for your well being.
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Old 01-14-2017, 05:50 PM
Nancy29 Nancy29 is offline
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All such great ideas.

Only one to add: loom knitting. It is easy, the looms are cheap and you often find them at yard sales or thrift stores. He can easily knit some hats or scarves or anything he wishes and it's pretty easy and rewarding (it's fun to watch the knitted part start to accumulate off the end of the loom). He could even knit a dog sweater for a dog who shivers in the shelter this time of year.....
Old 01-17-2017, 10:57 AM
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Diligent Diligent is offline
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car dvd player that can run on low voltage, 12v car adapter.

and a butane stove for indoor water boiling and hot meals.

Good luck, thats a tough situation.
Old 01-21-2017, 07:27 PM
mtnairkin mtnairkin is offline
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What does your husband do to keep entertained during normal situations? Do what is necessary to duplicate that. Lots of decent suggestions so far. Coleman stove, a way to keep a TV or video player going (battery powered?). Enough bottled gas (or other fuel) to keep the Coleman, Little Buddy and lamps going for at least a couple of months. Easily prepared (low fuel needs) food stored. Depending on finances a generator. What do you heat the house with normally?

This kind of temporary shutdown is just a good dress rehearsal to show you what you lack for truly hard times. Also shows you that you can't always depend on getting to a BOL.

Are you physically able (yourself) to mount chains on your vehicle? If you aren't, you need someone like a neighbor that you can rely on for help. Otherwise you might have to think about moving like was suggested on a previous post. Tough decisions to make but these little emergencies serve as an early warning system.

Hoping you both are OK (it's been almost two weeks since you posted) and this all works out for you.


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