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Old 01-13-2017, 12:52 AM
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Satisfy one customer, he'll tell one person.
Upset one customer, he'll tell ten people.

Just from what I've learned.

Right, Wrong, or Indifferent, I'm glad to have heard this story. Guy spends that much money on a pair of boots, and basically gets told to kick sand when their product fails...just ain't right.
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Old 01-13-2017, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by cmo1037 View Post
Wow, Chippewa would have to make the worst boot in the world for me to go away from them if that good of customer service happened to me. THAT is the absolute DEFINITION of customer service what they did for you.
I might actually give Chippewa boots a try after hearing that story.
I'd tell Danner to get bent.
Hopefully they "May record every call for training purposes", and can pull that tape of your phone call with that customer service rep, and make right.
the only difference, was the "lace to toe " easier to get boot on bad ankles.Boot that danner had, had that.. work I do is hard on footwear. fuels/oils ect eats em up. steel toes tear thru ect. at the time, chippewa didn't offer lace to toe, but in retrospect, I shoulda went with the double layer lineman boot. ya live and learn. Im sometimes a lil slower at it than others.

all they had to do, was tell me to ship em, then it wouldn't have mattered if the shot em down. but to shoot em down without even really seeing the problem..... I mean, ive always kinda OCD with receipts and records, But, i usually dont keep original boxes that long.

what ive found lately is a lot of larger companies bring in a crew to maximize profit margins. larger the company, more it happens.

something has to pay that price. usually its customer service/quality.
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