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View Poll Results: What is your opinion of AGW?
AGW has to be our central organizing principle if we are to survive. 3 6.52%
AGW is real but it is better to deal with the effects than the cause. 0 0%
AGW is real but a small driver in planetary climates. 6 13.04%
AGW is not real & may not even be bad & there is nothing we can do 10 21.74%
AGW is the greatest hoax in the history of the world and the greatest threat to Liberty. 27 58.70%
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Old 03-03-2017, 12:55 PM
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There is no global warming. This is the same crap they used on us to do away with r-12 freon. NASA satellites found the ozone hole, so called scientists said too much chlorine gas (chloro-florocarbon breakdown in freon) in atmosphere was the cause. Later on NASA found the hole had actually shrunk. But do you think the gubment backed off of its demonization of freon? NOPE. By that time they were making $30-40 lb TAX off of it, not to mention those making the rules (insiders) invested heavily in r-134, the new stuff we are forced to use that does NOT cool near as well. One volcanic eruption does more damage to the atmosphere than ALL MANMADE components combined.
Patriots, if you learn to read between the lines, you will find deceit, corruption, lies and distortion of facts with AGW as well. The right manipulates oil and gas, the left pushes AGW. It is all about $$$$$$$$, and we are the suckers.
Thats my .02 anyway!
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Old 03-10-2017, 10:09 AM
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The earth may or may not be warming/cooling/unchanging. But one thing is certain, this THEORY is being used as the foundation for global control of land use and thereby restricting or eliminating the private use of land. Is that here today? of course not. Is it headed that way? most definitely.

The real question is: does modern mankind's use of the earth cause an environmental change? Well if so, did the Little Ice Age occur because of a high population of cattle, whose methane based farts caused an imbalance in the atmosphere? There damn sure wasnt any internal combustion engines back then!

BS.... Environmentalism is a political philosophy based on collectivism and no amount of chanting "99% of scientists agree!!" will change that. Incidentally, that 99% is the IPCC (UN entity, big surprise), which is made up of bureaucrats as well as "scientists".... no political component there <sarcasm>

The left has successfully blurred the line between conservation, which most people agree on, and environmentalism because conservation has no path to government control over private land. One of the key components of communism or statism or whatever the nom-de-jour is.
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Old 03-11-2017, 09:27 PM
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I remember being told that we were heading into a new iceage back in the 70's. And we were also told how every scientist that mattered understood that to be fact.
Here we are 40 year's later and my how the story has changed, kind of amusing if it wasn't so sad.


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