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Urban Survival Urban survival and disaster preparedness including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and anything else.

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Originally Posted by Inazone View Post
As an aside, before my wife deployed back a few years back, I bought her a "tactical pen" that came packaged with the same knife you have there. I gave the knife to a friend of mine, and he used it to fight off a mugger who first sprayed him with pepper spray and then punched him in the face before demanding his wallet. Well, he managed to back up, get the knife out, and when the mugger kept coming, got in several good cuts before the guy ran. The cops found the perp later at a local hospital, trying to get treated for some mysterious "accidental" cuts to the hands and arms that sure looked an awful lot like knife wounds.

EDC, indeed.
You mean a tactical pen like the one in the middle of the left side of this mini pack?

Yeah, it came with that knife, which I keep on the right side of this pack now. They came as a set my wife ordered for herself, it was recommended from a self defense class she took by the instructor, I liked it so much she ordered me one too. I keep it as my flashlight for this pack but the fact that it could be used defensively is a bonus.

I told you, I like building lot of "packs", it's fun.

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Default Advanced EDC: Which tools are a Must-Have and Why

Originally Posted by kl0an View Post
You can ask a hundred people this question and the answers would vary with each one. ..

Lol, if you ask me alone 5 times you may get 25 diff answers

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