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Old 04-24-2016, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Fiddler View Post
As a longtime prepper, fruit tree and vegetable grower, after a period when I was a misguided "Mr. Nice Guy", I eventually came to the conclusion that the only good raccoon is a dead raccoon.
Since my awakening, I've killed dozens, if not hundreds, of them.
For those of you who've finally had enough, here is the best "bang for the buck" coon trap I know of.
You'll need some 1-1/4" PVC pipe and as many corresponding round end caps as you'll need to create several traps.
You'll also need a bag of the tiny nails called "brads". These things are about the smallest diameter nails in existence.
Cut a 4" piece of your PVC pipe. Drill a two holes in the middle to loop your anchor line or wire cable through. At one end, drill a bunch of tiny holes (at least 8) all the way around to accomodate your brad nails. These holes must be angled so that your nails will point somewhat inward from the end of the pipe. Smear a gob of peanut butter, sardines, or some other bait into the end cap, then shove it onto the other end of your pipe. Fasten the trap to something solid.
Your coon will shove its hand past the nails and will be unable to withdraw it again. Most of the time, it will shove in its other hand in an attempt to free its first hand. Then, both hands will be caught.
It's been my experience that a coon thus caught will have no fight left in it, and will stand by dociley, allowing a leisurely shot because they understand that they need both front feet to mount a good defense.
After you've shot the coon, you should be carrying a pair of needle-nose pliers to back enough nails out to free the dead coon, then reset the trap.
The real beauty of this trap is that it will not catch dogs, cats, or anything else that won't shove a paw deep into the trap.
I hope this description is enough to give you an idea how to build this trap. I would post photos, but the trap isn't that complicated.
do you know if such traps will also catch possums?
Can such traps be put in trees getting away from dogs. My dogs might chew up the pipe to get at the bait. The worst of the two has a relatively huge head and loves to chew things up.
For my numerous pear trees and also persimmons the coons and also the possums are enemy number one. The worst is they break branches getting at the bounty. One my fuyu persimmons trees will be of full fruit this year judging from the numerous flowers on it.
One of the functions of the dogs is to chase coons away, but there is a lot of land my dogs sometimes sleep soundly. I am thinking of motion alarms and chimes for the trees when the fruit ripens. That will bring the sleeping beauties running for blood.
Old 04-24-2016, 11:16 PM
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Thanks for the idea! I suffer the coons and opossums who eat from my fruit trees now, before TEOTWAWKI, but when the day comes where I need my crops to survive, I won't suffer them any longer.
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Old 07-15-2016, 10:40 AM
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Anyone know how to post photos on the site from an iPhone? Still can't figure out how to do it


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