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There are a lot of techniques that work for this. Most of them work well. Some of them work better than others. ALL of them rely on you having SOME kind of clue that an attack is about to happen. Think pre-attack indicators. If you know what to look for, you can see an attack about to happen, and even have an idea of HOW the other party is going to attack you, long before they actually begin to move. Even if you're good at all of this, sometimes, an attack is just so well set up, or maybe you're just tired or distracted at that particular moment, that they're going to hit you anyway.

Which technique you choose isn't as important as making sure you practice that technique until it just HAPPENS, and your body just seems to move on its own when you sense that sucker punch coming your way. And timing the block/ deflection properly is also more important than which block you use. Picking a small handful of techniques that work against a variety of attacks is better than picking a bunch of techniques that only work against one specific attack each. Think in terms of "what angle is his attack coming from?," rather than "what technique is he using?" Thinking in terms of angles of attack lets you be much more adaptable. Some of this is only fully understandable by "sparring it out."

Remember, you're going to be REACTIVE, while they get to be PROACTIVE. They have the advantage from the get-go, because they get to pick where and how the fight starts. With enough patience, anyone can be got. Being able to fight back and destroy the opposition from a position of surprise and disadvantage is an important ability to cultivate.

But as to your question, I personally like the windmill blocks, both up and down, and the roof block, against sucker punches, because I've trained them so often that they just "happen" when I need them to. No, I don't know what system(s) they're from, and I don't care. What I do know is that I've used them for real before, and that they work. They're also very simple and adaptable, being far more than just a block. You can easily flow into a variety of holds, takedowns, counter-attacks, and joint destructions from them as needed. And they are not hard to train. The most important thing here is to practice against a partner until the timing is second nature. I'm sure there are better blocks out there, but these are the ones that work well for me.


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