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Old 06-21-2017, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by 240Geezer View Post
And there you have it. So Bush did all of those terrible things by himself? And years later you're still crying about it.
I was unaware there was a time limit on the pointing out of errors and actions that harmed this country. Given that those on the Right routinely, loudly, and without end whine about what Obama did, what Clinton did, what FDR did, for Pete's sake, I assume this rule you propose applies only to criticism of Republican Presidents and elected officials, and no one else.

Originally Posted by 240Geezer View Post
Obama and the party of progress had 8 years to right those wrongs. To deliver on promises made to voters.
What did they do with their 8 ****ing years. What?
ACA? Your pulling my leg right? The "you have to pass the bill to know what's in it." The Jonathan Gruber " we had to lie to the voters because they can't comprehend bill?
The Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch DOJ?
Does Fast and Furious ring a bell?
How about a meeting on a runway in Texas with a sitting Attorney General and a past POTUS whose wife just happened to be in the middle of her own campaign for the presidency at that time. Yes that would be the same Hillary Clinton who had an Internet server in her basement that merged classified and no classified emails. If you don't know about that stuff then I'll school you. It's a huge no no in the information world. Little people like Seaman 3rd class do hard time for less.
You do realize, you are doing EXACTLY what you just objected to. To slightly misquote someone you may have heard of,

"And there you have it. So Obama did all of those terrible things by himself? And years later you're still crying about it. "

Originally Posted by 240Geezer View Post
People like you make me sick with this stuff. One set of rules for you and another for everyone else.
Liberals can do no wrong. They are gods gift to this planet and will cure all of our ills.
No, that seems to be YOUR rules, nobody else's. I note that it is a truism that people who are in the wrong accuse others of doing what they themselves are guilty of. The proof is in the pudding.

Originally Posted by 240Geezer View Post
Disclaimer: I'm no fan of Bush. All the rest of the people mentioned above should either be in prison or shot for treason.

Screw whatever the Russians did. Comey and Lynch screwed with the process more than anyone else.
Really? You are no fan of Bush? And yet you do the stereotypical things those who cannot stand to hear ill spoken of Dubya do. You immediately shift the focus onto what other Presidents have done and insist those actions are worse, even as you also imply it was the responsibility of the Democrats to prevent him and the rest of his party from making those mistakes; Democrats, in your eyes, apparently being the adults here. Which, given the performance of the GOP over the past eight years, is a valid viewpoint.

Here's something you probably don't wish to consider, but perhaps should. Is Trump saying he'll repeal the Patriot Act? Restrain US intelligence agencies from spying on the public? Reduce deficit spending and balance the budget by any means other than the standard Republican line of "cut taxes and the economy will improve so much we'll get massive amounts of tax revenue pouring in", which so far has failed dramatically each time it's been tried? Aside from minor programs, is Trump actually changing anything Obama and Bush put in place?

We've got one party with two names. Changing Presidents or Congresspeople makes little real change because there's little real difference. But as long as they can sell fools super-partasianism, there doesn't have to be because those fools will automatically vote for whoever they put forward because 'the other guy is WORSE'.

Feel free to disagree. Disagreement doesn't change reality.
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Old 06-21-2017, 02:32 PM
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Oh man....gonna be a lot of upset folks here when Mueller gets done with his investigation IMO. Saw some rumors that Flynn has flipped and was cooperating with Mueller's team....I guess we'll find out the truth soon enough.
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Old 06-21-2017, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by ppine View Post
The Department of Justice is not the Left.
Obama managed to corrupt just about government agency, so why not the Department of Justice?

Holder took it a step further with his racist, anti-white ramblings and policies, such as "minorities can no longer be charged with hate crimes."

The Department of Justice is not supposed to represent the Left, but lots of things changed over the past 8 years. The Department of Justice became the Department of Social Justice, which means laws and the Constitution are irrelevant, as long as the Libertards win.
Old 06-22-2017, 03:28 PM
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Y'all don't forget this.

From last July, almost a year ago. Dingy Harry encouraging giving false intelligence to Trump. From Huffpo itself!!!

If they're willing to do something as dangerous as giving Trump false intelligence, they are willing to toy with the lives of every person in this country as well as other countries, aren't they? No telling where their corruption would lead---and HAS led.

And pay special attention to paragraph 3 in the article, where Reid states "We knew he liked Putin before..."

MMMmm hmmm....


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