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Old 05-18-2017, 03:40 PM
jdemaris jdemaris is offline
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Perhaps is was not clear what I was doing here with tractor power ratings. If a comparison is to be made between two different tractors to compare fuel economy? For example one has 120 max HP and the other only 50 max HP. One fair way to compare it to give fuel usage for both at 50 HP. Doing so is claiming anything about "max" power which is often kind of a useless figure. Many tractor owners rarely run their machines at the max.

Another way to compare different tractors is with HHG instead of MPGs like a car. HHG is "horsepower hours per gallon." This still varies though by how hard a tractor is worked. Oliver holds the record for best gas tractor efficiency.

A Super M is like this:
11.8 HHG @ 46.2 HP
5.5 HHG @ 11 P

A Ford 641
9.9 HHG @ 33.6 HP
4.7 HHG @ 8 HP

John Deere 1650 diesel (Japanese)
18.6 HHG @ 62 HP
14.5 HHG @ 28 HP
10.3 HHG @ 14 HP
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Old 05-19-2017, 11:57 AM
country_boy country_boy is offline
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for small (what;s now compact utility) My vote is for the 1970-90 diesels from JD or ford. For ford that would be 2000/3000/7000, or for JD the 850/950/1050/1250 (avoid the 1450 due to it having a limited production life and being rare). In general you are getting an 8 speed transmission, geared tractor (no hydro), often with draft sensing hitch (helps with plowing). The electrical and fuel systems are simple.

These tractors were designed for professional small scale farming (that marked probally didn't exist in the US for the 1050 series, but it was designed by Yanmar in Japan, and it did exist there- the ford stuff is older- from when guys farming 100 acres make a living and would buy a new tractor.

The equalvent tractors of current manufacturer are not designed for production agriculture but for utility use, grass cutting, rental, etc. So they are more complicated, and slightly less efficient to make it a multipurpose machine (and power steering and a hydro is so nice with a loader.)

If you want to go bigger, the model numbers change, and you might want to look at an older tractor- But they will eat more fuel during light work, are heavier, and not quite maneuverable inside a fenced garden. I'm fond of the JD 2x50 and 2x55 series.

I would get, or have made a ROPS. If you have it made google, ROPS tubing (or use round DOM) you want high strength tubing to keep the weight down- copy the section modulus from a similar sized modern tractor.
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Old 05-20-2017, 07:27 AM
jdemaris jdemaris is offline
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I worked for one of the first Deere dealers in the USA to sell the Deere-Yanmar tractors. It was a big deal at the time . 850s and 950s as I recall. Rugged and crude little tractors. Had nothing in common with USA or German or Waterloo tractors actually made by Deere. First year - very few options. Not even power-steering. We added it to many new tractors with aftermarket kits. It is ironic that one of the most fuel efficient diesel tractors ever made was a Deere-Yanmar 1650. I think Oliver still has the record for a gas-engine tractor.

When it comes to Ford - the British design tractors have much better features then the US. Note that by 1965 - many of the US Fords were British. Hi-low range trans, live PTO option, three-cylinder engine instead of a four, etc. Great lilttle tractors. I love the 2000 with the three-cylinder. I do NOT love the 2000 with the four-cylinder. Three-cylinder made 1965-1975 with 12 speed trans. Four-cylinder made 1962-1965 with a four speed trans.

It is kind of s shame that the US designed Fords were nt carried on and improved. Great engines (made from car parts) and great parts support. I also understand why Ford changed to British. They already made a great tractor overseas - so it was easier to just bring it here instead or re-inventing the wheel.
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Old 05-20-2017, 08:04 AM
fci1998 fci1998 is offline
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I have a late 70's early 80's Kubota and it runs and operates like a champ, never an issue. Neat thing about Kubota is parts availability. I have never had to wait more than a day for a part even for a tractor that old. Prior to that I had a Ford 3500 tractor with a front end loader and loved it, ran like a dream but had many problems and parts availability was a problem. I could take the actual part to the dealer and 2 weeks later the part would arrive and not be a match. I spent more down time waiting for parts. I really loved it but little things always went wrong. they made that tractor for many years here in the US and England so sometimes the actual parts did not interchange.

A Kubota part is always the same across the model range. I have a newer Kubota and love it but prefer the simplicity of the older one.

I would take my time shopping and doing your research. Keep in mind your local dealer and support. My buddy was a die hard John Deere fan and recently went with a new Mahindra because of local dealer support and huge price difference, we do a lot of work together and I use his Mahindra often. Actually one of the nicest tractors that I have ever worked with. If I were in the market for a new tractor I would probably go Mahindra.
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Old 05-20-2017, 10:01 AM
Brettny Brettny is offline
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I have a 1957 ford 851. The guy i bought it from used it as a field mower. Its about 40/60hp. I have a loader on it and it will lift until the back wheels come off the ground. I have $2k into the tractor and loader, not including all the attachments. Also it starts in -10F and alot of my friends diesel tractors dont. Yes it has point and leaks oil but i havnt touched them in 2 years and it sits out in the weather. I would buy another.
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