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Old 05-09-2017, 05:19 AM
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High level talks between the US and NK governments are reportedly being facilitated in Sweden at the moment. It looks like the old saying of Winston Churchill - "to jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war" is being pursued for the moment.
Old 05-18-2017, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by gotjunk View Post
All you have is spew. Not interested in your political musings and predictions.
Breitbart is spew.

I said Moon would be elected on May 9. He was.
I said Moon will be calling for a meeting with Trump. He did.

It takes place in June. Moon has also offered to meet with NK, saying “Communication with North must reopen.”
I said Russia and China will back Moon over Trump and that South Korea does not want THAAD:

South Korean officials met with Chinese officials today over the removal of THAAD in exchange for ending economic sanctions against South Korea and for China reining in NK. Russia also wants THAAD removed and has also offered Moon assistance against NK:

I said North Korea will agree to the talks:

Trump has botched this up and is now a non-player, exactly as I predicted. No one has invited him to the NK talks. He’s neither needed nor wanted. China is now the main power broker in Asia, Trump having alienated South Korea. So he has invited himself now repeatedly to the talks since no has invited him. He has to go as, otherwise, no discussion of ICBM’s will be brought up:

I said China will force Trump to call on them. Today he accepted:

He has to pay China in favorable trade deals to get them to put ICBM's into the NK talks over which he neither has an invitation or leverage.

This is a huge diplomatic defeat for Trump. We have been a military presence in South Korea since 1950 or about 70 years. Trump undid that in two weeks. Trump was trying to obtain more favorable trade agreements with China. Again, undone in two weeks. I wish him luck for the rest of his presidency but he gets low marks for this farce.
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Old 05-19-2017, 06:14 AM
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The quicker the west finishes sabre rattling at NK the better off we will all be. In my opinion, since NK has been testing missiles since 2009 but we are only caring now, this is more of a post election stunt, and scoring trade leverage on China (since the world's media also puts pressure on them any time eyes are on the NK). No problem with that in my opinion, but does carry some risks.
Old 05-19-2017, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by gotjunk View Post
I think this article is worth reading. It points out North Korea's current nuclear capabilities.

Dr. Peter Pry is the Executive Director of the Task Force on National Homeland Security, Chief of Staff of the Congressional EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) Commission, and is considered one of the country’s most knowledgeable experts on nuclear weapons technology. He is the undisputed preeminent authority on the existential threat presented by the proliferation of EMP
So Dr Pry actually has little or no expertise in nuclear weapons technology, or the power grid. He does have a certificate in Nuclear Weapons Design- which is a program DOE has to teach non technical people the technology of nuclear weapons- for congressional staffers, DoD staffers, FBI/CIA, etc.) He is a very serious policy wonk on the subject of the use of NEMP, and his CIA experience was around Russian nuclear stragety.

BTW, his degrees are all in political science. He's somewhat of a joke in the critical infrastructure community from not knowing enough to know what he doesn't know (and what the industry doesn't know.) It's easy to test boxes against EMP (be they handheld radios or 747) It's not possible to test connected power transformers against the EMP E3 pulse, which resembles a geomagnetic storm. And Simulations of the environment become so complicated as to become site specific.
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