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Old 02-17-2017, 01:23 AM
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Default I made myself a new solid workbench for only £3.59

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I've been meaning to build a much more solid workbench as the one I've been using was rubbish, it would wobble a good 5 inches when sawing something in the vise (I live in a flat, I use my mums garage to do any projects that need more than a few hand tools, it was already there when she moved into the new place).

So after a friend messaged me that he got a load of free really good quality wood I decided its time to make it. Its actually from old exercise benches as he is a groundsman at a big football club (soccer as Americans would call it) they tend to get rid of stuff long before its worn out

I got a box of 200 5x50mm screws from Srewfix (a really good tool shop over here in the UK). Great quality and dirt cheap.

The wood I got:

I knew the design and sizes in my head, so started cutting the wood the length. I got a fine cutting jigsaw blade that cut them nicely, but took ages. with a good old crosscut saw they took seconds:

Building it:

(I used fence posts as where it will live it gets rain water in, so I used treated wood).

And finished, just need to add a vise or two.

Other than another plank the vise is mounted to that wood under the bench was all the old one was made of. The new one dosen't move at all.

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Old 02-22-2017, 07:08 AM
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That looks great! I had to go with a basic plywood top for the time being on mine, yours is making me re evaluate

Even though mine wasn't nearly as much of a DIY, I bought the bench itself from a local farm auction (as well as a large cabinet) for $3... the bench was in pretty bad shape, it was covered in what I presumed was some type of caustic soda powder that took some caution getting off, one of the supports had buckled from the previous owner most likely smashing something on the bench with a sledgehammer, it had no top on it, and the vise was gone. So the frame already existed, but it wasn't exactly usable until I worked on it.

So I took it home, cleaned it all off, sanded it, gave it a coat of Tool Box Red spray paint that I had laying around, removed the broken support so that it was level again, took an old piece of plywood I had at the house and sanded it smooth, beveled all of the edges and clear-coated it with acrylic stain, and added a good vise. Granted the vise was additional money, but my investment in this bench was about $7 total, because I had to spend $3 on it and then $4 for hardware to affix the plywood top to it.

So far I'm a big fan of pocket-money workbenches

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Old 02-23-2017, 09:02 AM
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Little update.

I mounted and sprayed enamel on the old vise, not bad stuff, just needed a couple of coats. It was really only because as its old if you get oil or moisture on it you end up with rust on your hands which is a pain when wanting to not get dirty oily finger prints on other things you want to keep clean.

BUT it turns out I didn't need to as a friend was getting rid of some old stuff and gave me a better vise.

Thats the stuff I used. A couple of quid (pound sterling) for a can.

I'll probably keep it on a shelf near by in case I need some more support for some future project.

Edit: I thought I might as well add a photo of the bench that was there before.

The two 2x4s in the middle were added by me to make it be able to hold the weight of the drill press.

In fact edit 2:

If you were wondering I was making a couple of looms with wood and split pins as standard loom templates dont fit me

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