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Old 12-14-2012, 03:56 AM
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Default 3M Breathe easy PAPR

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Hello everyone from the Golan Heights.

I recently bought a 3M breathe easy pressurized gaz mask system for a bargain, the hood, filters and accessories are in good condition but I realized that the battery is already beyond it's storage life, it is still wrapped, so it may work in an emergency, but since a PAPR isn't worth anything without air pressure I would rather not bet my life on it.
And considering the evolution of the situation in Syria, less than 2 miles from my living room, I'd rather make sure that my gaz mask will somehow protect me.

Thus my question, since I am in the impossibility to order an original charger and batteries at an affordable price, would there be any alternative way of providing power to my breathe easy, even if it means tying a car battery to a pack frame to do so, I am willing to try.

Thanks in advance
Old 01-01-2013, 04:45 PM
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Those are excellent units...but obviously quite useless, if you don't have power.
I'm seeing rechargeable batteries for your unit on Ebay for $68 - LINK
And they even have a charger on there for $202.64 - LINK
I would NOT attempt to power that unit with a car battery, I don't think the voltages are compatible... ~ could simply get yourself a Scott Pro-mask...and you wouldn't have to worry about batteries? - LINK
And since you're worried about Sarin...I would look into getting some type of level 'C' chemical protective suit, and a pair of butyl rubber gloves to round out your ensemble.
A small supply of Atropine, and 2-Pam chloride wouldn't hurt either!
Here's some more info:

Good Luck...

Zulu Cowboy


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