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Default Red Dot Shopping and Technical guide

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Here is a source providing techical information on Red Dot type optics.
One should read the entire guide prior to purchasing a Red Dot optic.
Below I have posted the Text but the link should be viewed for illustrations, charts, etc.

Nick W's Red Dot Sight Shopping Guide

Nick's Red Dot Sight - Shopping Guide
Specs, Prices, Sources, Reviews, Links

Probably anyone who has ever used a red dot sight has said, "I've got to have one." This page was created to assist you in finding the dot sight that is best for you and your budget.

Red dot sights can be used on pistols, rifles or shotguns. They are recommended for close to intermediate range and within that limitation, they can be used for virtually any type of shooting from bullseye competition to police and military operations.

Only dot sights having NO optical power and using an illuminated dot as the sight point are included on this page. There are red dot scopes that have optical power, as in traditional riflescopes, and use a red dot or illuminated crosshairs as a sight point. These are not included in this guide.

Now, before going any further, I would like to refer you to a web page for some important information. This will only take a few minutes to read. To learn how red dot sights work and to understand parallax error, go to…

Read "Facts and Figures about Dot Sights" (once you are on the home page of, scroll down to "Tools of the Trade" then look for "Facts and Figures about Dot Sights" and click on it)

Now, that was interesting reading, wasn't it? What he had to say about UltraDot sights was especially interesting. No doubt they would be one of the best, if not THE best, values in red dot sights. You can get an UltraDot for $115, however, perhaps you have needs that are not met by the UltraDot.


Changeable reticle: The sight may be used with any of several reticles that are purchased separately but one must be removed before another can be installed.

Variable reticle: One of several reticles may be used and can be changed simply by turning a knob.

HUD style: Unlike the more common tube style sight, it more closely resembles the Heads-Up-Display in aircraft. There is only one glass element, no tube. These designs offer a better view of everything around the sight area, which is especially good in a police or combat type environment but since there is no tube to reference the dot position, it makes finding the dot a more difficult task.
Things to Consider
Battery life: Most of the red dot sights use a 2032 type, 3volt, lithium battery that is inexpensive and lasts for a reasonable amount of time. However, there are some notable exceptions. The Bushnell HOLOsight uses an "N" style alkaline battery and has an "average" battery life of 40-70 hours. Just because two different sights use the same type of battery does not mean they will operate for the same length of time. Differences exist due to the efficiency of the electrical circuit. The Trijicon is the only dot sight that does not use batteries at all. Incidently, the Trijicon has an amber dot.

Dot size: Dot size is rated in M.O.A. (minutes of angle). One M.O.A. is equivalent to 1 inch at 100 yards, so if you have a 4 m.o.a. dot, it will cover a four inch circle at 100 yards. It will cover half that size at half that distance, so it will cover 2 inches at 50 yards or 1inch at 25 yards. At 200 yards it will cover 8 inches and 400 yards it will cover 16 inches. You can see how this can affect hunting or sniping at a distance. For close range in a combat situation a larger dot can be picked up faster for quicker response. There have been reports that manufacturers may claim that their dot is smaller than it actually is.

Mounting: How will the sight be mounted on the gun? There are two basic configurations. Some sights come with a standard Weaver type mount built right on them. Others use traditional rings and these are often included when you buy the sight. Still others, like Trijicon, sell the sight and the base seperately and offer several types for different types of weapons.

Use: What is the primary use for the sight? Combat, bullseye and hunting will all have their own priorities. Weight will have little bearing on a rifle but may need to be considered on a pistol. If rapid sight acquisition is a priority, a larger diameter tube will make it easier.

Finish: Most sights come in a black finish and may also be available in a silver finish. One sight, Leupold (LG series) is available in two-tone, black and silver. These can go on any gun whether it is a blued finish or stainless and would look great on a two-tone gun.

Brightness: The cheapest dot sights have only one or two levels of brightness, these are for BB, pellet or paintball guns. Sights for firearms usually have from seven to eleven levels of brightness. Manufacturers vary on how they report this. They may say eleven levels and one of those may be "off", but not always. There is at least one sight that has a stepless intensity control, C-More. Actually, you can get the C-More with either stepless or stepped intensity controls, so you can choose whichever you want.

Weight: Reported sight weight may or may not include mounting hardware and almost certainly does not include battery weight. Some sights have integral mounts that are automatically included in the weight, e.g. the Bushnell HOLOsight, C-More, some Tasco sights and others. There was a review of two or three sights by one author who weighed the sights and reported that the sights weighed more than the company specs would show. So, not only have they underreported the weight of the sight but also have not included the weight of the rings nor the battery. Use caution when comparing sights by weight. Manufacturer's specs are shown below.

Windage and Elevation: Most sights have windage and elevation adjustment with clicks at 0.5 m.o.a. Some sights have 0.25 clicks and some have 0.33 and others, 0.75 increments. C-More is the only sight that has clickless adjustment. This could be a good thing for accuracy, as in target shooting, and a bad thing in combat type situations if you need to make on-the-fly adjustments.

Parallax Error: I did not discuss the parallax error of each sight because I don't have that information. However, Aimpoint is supposed to have a special "double lens" system that totally eliminates parallax error. You can see a graph of the parallax error of the UltraDot on the link that I gave. Tasco's lower models have parallax adjusted to 100 yards and it says so on the spec sheet for each individual sight. Tasco says that their higher-priced sights are parallax free (also noted specifically on each sight). My guess is that just like Tasco, cheaper sights will suffer more parallax error than higher-priced sights and at some particular range (perhaps somewhere between 25 and 100 yards) will be virtually parallax free. More expensive sights are likely to have less parallax error. I am not sure that any sight is 100% parallax free, though it may be close enough for all practical purposes.
Key to Specs
Heading Specification
Dia. * Tube or lens diameter in inches or millimeters (25mm is approx. 1 inch)
Dot Dot color (R=red, G=green, A=amber)
MOA Dot size (in minutes of angle)
Brite Brightness levels (number of steps)
Length Length of sight (in inches)
Weight Weight of sight (in ounces)
W/E Windage & Elevation (in minutes of angle)
View ** Field of view at 100 yards (in feet)
MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
Street *** Price found on the Internet, in a catalog or in a local store

* Diameter may be objective lens diameter or tube diameter, companies are not consistent on this. Some quote both.
** Some companies do not provide certain specs such as battery life or field of view
*** Street price can be quite variable
Brands & Specs

The first three models (Imp, HotShot and Champ) are best suited to airguns or paint ball use

Finish: black (some in nickel)
Battery: 3volt Lithium 2032
Mount: Weaver style 3/8" groove (denoted *), all others use 30mm rings
Warranty: 1-5 years, Hot Shot - 2 years, Vantage - 5 years, Ranger, Sportsman, Competitior, Eclipse, Magnum, Trident

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP
Imp* --- R 5 1? 4.5 1.3 --- --- $17 $19 shooterz
Hot Shot* --- R 5 Hi/Lo 4.4 2.2 --- --- $30 $25 shooterz
Champ* --- R or G 5 Hi/Lo 4.5 2.0 --- --- $34 $28 shooterz
Vision 2000* 1.5" R 3 Hi/Lo 4.7 6.2 0.75 60 $90 $87
Square Shooter* 1.25" R 3 7 4.6 6.0 0.75 60 $125 ---
Vantage 1" R 3 --- 3.9 3.9 --- --- $129 $95 ultout
Vantage 30mm R 3 --- 4.25 4.9 --- --- $132 $95 ultout
Ranger 1" R 3 --- 4.25 3.9 0.75 37 $160 $109 ultout
Ranger 30mm R 5 --- 5.2 5.0 0.75 44 $180 ---
Sportsman 1" R+G 4 --- 5.2 4.5 0.75 37 $250 ---
Competitor 30mm R+G 10 --- 5.0 5.5 0.75 53 $270 $160 fsguns
Eclipse 30mm R 10 --- 5.0 5.5 0.75 53 $250 $175 ultout
Magnum 50mm R 10 --- 5.3 8.25 0.75 75 $290 ---
Trident 30mm R 5/10/15 --- 6.0 6.5 0.75 53 $369 ---

The "Comp" is compact for smaller arms, e.g. pistols and carbines, the "7000" is for long guns
The M2 models are heavy-duty versions of the CompC built for extreme conditions and water-tight to 75'
Brightness level 10 is "extra bright"

Housing: extruded aluminum
Finish: black or silver metallic (for example, CompC SM, though not shown, is CompC in silver metallic)
Battery: 3 volt Litium (Duracell DL1/3N)(Energizer 2L76)
Mount: Comp models (1 ring, 30mm), 7000 models (2 rings, 30mm)
Warranty: 2 years for professional or competition use; 10 years for personal use

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
Comp C 30mm R 4 10 4.7 6.5 0.5 --- --- $298
Comp M2 XD 30mm R 4 10 5.1 7.1 0.5 --- --- $390 - $195
CompML2 XD 30mm R 4 10 5.1 7.1 0.5 --- --- $337
7000L (long) 30mm R 4 10 7.9 7.9 0.5 --- --- $267
7000S (short) 30mm R 4 10 6.3 7.4 0.5 --- --- $267

The ATN looks very much like a C-More sight, that is, it is a single optical element fashioned as a HUD (Heads-up-display). It is one of only a few sights that have different reticles built-in. You can choose between four different reticles with a rotary knob (dot, circle with dot, cross hair, open cross hair with dot).
The ATN is made of machined aluminum, the C-More is made of polymer.

Housing: machined aluminum
Finish: black
Battery: Lithium
Mount: 7/8" Weaver style base
Warranty: 2 years

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet (.com)
Ultra Sight 33 R (variable reticle) 10 --- --- --- --- $229 $160 midwayusa

RD models utilize an 11-positon dial. PB models utilize a push button control for 11 brightness levels
The RD models are 0.8" longer to accommodate the rotary dial.

Housing: aluminum
Finish: matte black anodized or bonded black rubber
Battery: probably a 2032 but not for sure
Mount: dovetail

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet (.com)
RD30 30 R 4 11 3.8 5.0 ? 88 --- $35 midwayusa
RD42 42 R 4 11 3.8 7.0 ? 80 --- $50 midwayusa
RD50 50 R 4 11 3.8 8.5 ? 88 --- $70 midwayusa
PB30 30 R 4 11 3.0 4.5 ? 88 --- $47 midwayusa
PB42 42 R 4 11 3.0 6.5 ? 80 --- $60 midwayusa
PB50 50 R 4 11 3.0 8.0 ? 88 --- ---

Available in two variations, one with a 3 moa dot and the other with an 11 moa dot.
Burris is nitrogen-filled, so it is waterproof and fogproof

Housing: probably extruded aluminum
Finish: black
Battery: 2032 (200+ hours at maxium britghtness)
Mount: rings (included w/sight, weight of rings 2.7 oz)
Warranty: "Forever" even if you are not the original owner

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet (.com)
SpeedDot 35 R 3 (or 11) 11 4.38 5.0 --- --- $291 $160 midsouthshooterssupply

Unlike other Red Dot sights, the HOLOsight works with an internal laser.
Current HOLOsight model is denoted as 500 series. It is significantly different from older 400 series.
HOLOsights come with one reticle of your choice. They have changeable reticles available in a variety of dot sizes and even different patterns, like 65 moa circles and triangles
Another unique feature, HOLOsight automatically shuts itself off after 8 hours or 2 hours if you choose. There is also a low battery warning light.
Waterproof and fogproof

Finish: black
Battery = Type N 1.5v. Alkaline (40 - 70 hours of operation), auto shutoff after 8 hrs. or 2 hrs., low battery warning
Mount: dovetail

I cannot find the Trophy model on the Bushnell web site, it was found in the Midsouth catalog.
The Sportview can be found on the Bushnell web site with great effort. Price is from Midsouth.

Housing: probably extruded aluminum
Finish: black
Battery: probably a 2032 but not for sure
Mount: rings included for Weaver style base

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet (.com)
HOLOsight --- R various 20 4.125 6.4 0.25 --- --- $250 midsouthshooterssupply
Sportview 23 R 6 on/off 4.9 5.5 0.5 --- --- $46 midsouthshooterssupply
Trophy 30 R 5 11 --- --- --- --- --- $116 midsouthshooterssupply

Primary use is for handgun competition or AR15
Modular design, made of plastic

C-More sights are modular in that the sighting screen is separate from the electronics "diode module". Changing dot size is accomplished by swapping diode modules. Available dot sizes are 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 m.o.a. Standard dot supplied with each sight is noted on the chart.

C-More's philosophy on windage and elevation adjustment is to avoid the use of click-stops. They feel that eliminating clicks allows you to adjust in the smallest increments for the greatest accuracy.

Brightness: you have a choice between two types of brightness controls. One type has click setting with discrete steps and the other is a rheostat, which continuously varies the intensity. Below, you will see prices such as $240/300. This is $240 for the stepless rheostat model and $300 for the click switch model.

Finish: black, gray, radical red, bodacious blue, olive drab green (not all models available in all colors)
Battery: Duracell DL1/3N or Energizer2L76 (300 to 1500 coninuous hours of use)
Mounts: C-More is unique in that most other Red Dot sights use a fairly universal mounting system, either rings or dovetail mounts. C-More offers several models of essentially the same sight with different mounting shcemes. See below.

C-More sights are waterproof to 200 meters

Serendipity: (1911 & clones/select frames, drill & tap) Designed around the 1911 frame and competition race guns. Requires a gunsmith to drill & tap six holes in your guns frame, three on each side.

Railway (Weaver & Picatinny clamp): Used for shotguns, rifles, handguns, revolvers, crossbows, paint ball guns, etc.

Slide Ride (direct mounting, drill & tap): The Slide Ride was originally designed to mount directly to the slide of Glock handguns but the Slide Ride can be attached to any flat surface. This enables the sight to be mounted directly to the firearm or a custom made mount, allowing the sight to be applied to applications that may not provide standard mounting options.

Scout (fixed carry handle upper receivers): for all Colt M-16 / AR-15 rifles and carbines that utilize a fixed carry handle upper receiver. The Scout also enables you to retain the use of your iron sights as a back up system and for longer yardage shots.

Tactical (flattop upper receivers): The C-MORE Tactical sight mounts to all Colt M-16 / AR-15 rifles and carbines, including the M-4, that utilize a flat top upper receiver. By directly attaching to the upper receivers picatinny rail, the Tactical sight replaces the removable carry handle (if applicable) and also provides a replacement A-3 style rear aperture sight. The Tactical enables you to retain the use of your iron sights as a back up system and for longer yardage shots.

TAC II (flattop upper receivers): The C-MORE TAC II sight mounts to all Colt M-16 / AR-15 rifles and carbines, including the M-4, that utilize a flat top upper receiver. By directly attaching to the upper receivers picatinny rail, the TAC II sight replaces the removable carry handle (if applicable) and also provides a "Flip-up" rear aperture sight which can be folded down flat to provide an unobstructed view of the red dot sight. The TAC II enables you to retain the use of your iron sights as a back up system and for longer yardage shots

Housing: polymer
Finish: color-impregnated polymer
Battery: see above
Mount: see above
Warranty: ?

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
Serendipity 29mm R 8 see above 5.35 3.75 no click --- $240/300 $190
Railway 29mm R 8 " 4.8 5.0 no click --- $250/300 $200
Slide Ride 29mm R 8 " 4.8 3.0 no click --- $240/300 $188
Scout 29mm R 6 " 10.0 7.0 no click --- $368 $300
Tactical 29mm R 6 " 7.0 12.0 no click --- $444 $340
TAC II 29mm R 6 " 6.1 9.5 no click --- $444 $370

This is the smallest and lightest red dot sight available at this time. It is also the only sight that you could use and still holster a pistol with it. The only problem here is mounting.

Finish: black
Battery: CR 2032, 3 volt, lithium

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
Docter R 3.5 or 7.0 1 1.8 1.0 --- --- --- $265

Leupold is nitrogen filled and therefore, waterproof and fogproof.

Housing: extruded aluminum
Finish: two-tone (black/silver) or all black (higher price)
Battery: probably a 2032 but not for sure
Mount: includes rings for standard Weaver mounts (special rings for Hammerli .22 are available upon request but you will not see this written anywhere but here)
Warranty: 2 years

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
LG-1 1" R 2 11 4.5 4.0 0.33 45 $200 $150-$170
LG-35 35mm R 4 or 8 11 4.5 5.0 0.33 75 $280 $200

Waterproof and shockproof. According to the Millet FAQ page, their "scopes" are nitrogen-filled but they did not say their red dots are. I am thinking that because they said their red dots are waterproof, they are probably nitrogen-filled. Millet says their sights are parallax free.

Housing: probably extruded aluminum
Finish: matte black or silver
Battery: probably a 2032 but not for sure
"The estimated life of the battery is 40 hours of continuous operation in normal use. Cold temperatures and or high intensity settings will shorten the life of the battery." - Millet FAQ page

Mount: included with sight, "vertical split scope rings, Weaver-style"
Warranty: ?

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
SP1 1" R 3 11 --- --- 0.625 37 --- $96 midsouthshooterssupply
SP2 30mm R 5 11 --- --- 0.73 53 --- $102 midsouthshooterssupply
SP30 30mm R 3,5,10 11 --- --- 0.73 53 ---
Wideview 30mm R 10 11 --- --- 0.73 58 ---

Made in Czechoslovakia. Distributed by Dillon and perhaps others. Comes with 4, 6, or 8 m.o.a. dot but Dillon only shows the 4 m.o.a. in their catalog. The only mount Dillon shows is an AR-15 handle mount. The Czech website says mounts are available for CZ 75/85 and clones, CZ 97, as well as 1911 and clones

Finish: black
Battery: CR2032 (150 - 1500 hours of operation)
Mount: ?

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
OK Target 26mm R 4,6,8 11+off 3.96" 2.3 --- --- --- $200

Cannot find this model on the Redfield website. Had to e-mail Redfield. They sent a jpeg spec sheet on it.

Finish: all models available in black or silver
Mount: rings

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
Compact ESD --- --- --- 11 --- --- --- --- --- ---
Vari-dot --- R (multi 4,8,12,16) 11 --- --- --- --- --- ---
Multi-reticle --- R (multi, 4 reticles) 11 --- --- --- --- --- ---

Good luck finding these on the Simmons web site. They are, however, in the Midsouth catalog. Not much info though.

Finish: Master (black or silver), Blazer (black)
Mount: Master (rings), Blazer (Weaver)

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
Master 25 R 4 or 12 --- 6.0 4.8 --- 40 --- $25
Blazer 30 R --- --- --- --- --- --- --- $31
Blazer 42 R --- --- --- --- --- --- --- $44

BKRD models are labeled Red Dot. PDP models are labeled Pro Point.

Finish: MiniMag and BKRD, black only; PDP's are all available in black, some in silver
Mount: some 30mm rings, others 5/8" dovetail (BKRD 30-22 has 3/8" dovetail for .22 caliber guns)

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet (.com)
MiniMag 20 R 5 5 --- --- --- --- --- ---
BKRD 25 25 R 5 11 4.7 5.25 0.5 40 --- $33 cheaperthandirt
BKRD 30 30 R 5 11 6.0 3.75 0.5 57 --- $33 cheaperthandirt
BKRD 30-22 30 R 5 11 6.0 3.75 0.5 57 --- $33 cheaperthandirt
BKRD 42 42 R 5 11 6.7 3.75 0.5 62 --- $45 cheaperthandirt
PDP2 25 R 5 --- --- 5.5 0.5 --- --- $75 midwayusa
PDP3 25 R 5 --- --- 5.5 0.5 --- --- $87 midwayusa
PDP3 CMP 30 R 10 --- --- 5.4 0.5 --- --- $97 midwayusa
PDP5 VR 28 R Variable --- --- 8.3 0.5 --- --- $185 midwayusa
PDP5CMP 36 R 4,8,12,16 --- --- 8.0 0.5 --- --- $120 midwayusa
PDP6CMP 30 R 10 --- --- 5.8 0.5 --- --- $105 midwayusa

Trijicon is the only dot sight that does not rely on batteries. It uses two systems: fluorescent fiber optics for gathering ambient light when there is ambient light and Tritium (glow in the dark stuff) for times when there is no ambient light. Therefore, there are no batteries and no switches. Unfortunately, if you are not happy with the dot brightness, there is nothing you can do. Trijicon has an Amber colored dot.

There are several bases available so the sight is usually priced without a base. I priced this one with a Weaver base for more convenient comparison to other sights. The Weaver base is $70 retail, around $50 - $60 on the street.

"The Reflex II has a new clearer color lens (reds are more red instead a brownish color); it features a triangle reticle 12.5 MOA tall; and comes standard with the polarizing filter and rubber caps. The original Reflex has the reticle options of a 6.5 or 4 MOA dot. No accessories come with this Reflex." - Trijicon FAQ page

Finish: black
Battery: NONE
Mount: various

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
Reflex --- A 4 or 6.5 1 --- --- --- --- $419 $300
Reflex II --- A 12.5 triangle 1 --- --- --- --- $494

If you read "Facts and Figures About Dot Sights" as recommended, you will know that the UltraDot has quite a reputation and may well be the best value available. If it suites your needs, you must do yourself a favor and take a look at it.

Finish: black or silver
Battery: DL2032
Mount: comes with rings for Weaver style base
Warranty: lifetime

Model Dia. Dot MOA Brite Length Weight W/E View MSRP Internet
UltraDot 25 25 R 4 11 5.1 3.9 0.5 --- $159 $115
UltraDot 30 30 R 4 11 5.1 3.9 0.5 --- $179 $125
UltraDot4 1" R 4,8,12,16 11 5.1 4.9 0.5 --- $188 $155
UltraDot4 30mm R 4,8,12,16 11 5.1 4.9 0.5 --- $198 $165

Special Features
Here, the sights are grouped together based on special attributes.

Changeable reticle
Bushnell HOLOsight

Discontinued Sights
Tasco Optima 2000
Weaver Qwik Point

Extreme Duty (there may be others)
Aimpoint M2 XD
Aimpoint ML2 XD

HUD style
ATN Ultra Sight
Bushnell HOLOsight
OK Target

Multi-size dot with twist of a knob
Adco Trident
Millet SP30
Redfield ESD
Tasco PDP5 CMP

Night vision compatible

Red/Green dot (selectable)
Adco Sportsman
Adco Competitor

Two-tone Finish
Leupold LG

Variable reticle
ATN Ultra Sight
Redfield ESD
Tasco PDP5 VR

Links to Manufacturers
Adco -

Aimpoint -



Burris -

Bushnell -

C-More -

Docter (German site) -

Docter (American distributor) -
This link is to Capital City Firearms, an American distributor of the German "Docter" sight.
The Docter appears to be a glass lens and metal bodied rendition of the plastic lens and plastic bodied Tasco Optima 2000 which was actually made by a British company and marked with the Tasco name but is now discontinued. The design is very interesting. It is a HUD style and it is the smallest red dot sight available. Since the manufacturer's site is in German, I am giving the distributor of the sight.

Leupold-Gilmore -

Millet -


Redfield - Good luck finding the red dot on this website

Simmons - Good luck finding the red dot on this website

Tasco -

Trijicon -

UltraDot -

Links to Reviews & Comparisons
Aimpoint Comp M & ML
Aimpoint Comp XD-M
Bushnell HOLOsight
C-More Colt Tactical
Colt Carry Handle
Elcan C79
Trijicon ACOG TA01-NSN
Trijicon Reflex RX01NSN
Aimpoint Comp (old model)
Bushnell HOLOsight
Tasco Propoint III
Tasco PDP3
Tasco PDP5
More of an advertisement than a real comparison. Compares the Bushnell HOLOsight to the following,
Aimpoint Comp M & ML
C-More Tactical
Trijicon Reflex
Other Red Dot Specs/Comparison

Since I have not been able to handle most of these sights, I can only guess at quality from the reviews and comparisons that are listed above. However, someone may be interested in knowing what I think after accumulating all of this information. So, here it is.

First, even a cheap red dot sight can offer fairly good performance. I had an inexpensive red dot sight made in China. It did have a little parallax error but if I was careful to keep the dot more or less centered in the lens, it was very adequate. I did not own it for very long, so longevity may be another thing that you give up with a cheaper sight.

I think the lower-end on this list would include BSA, Simmons and Tasco. Personally, I would buy them only if I were restricted by budget. Still, I have heard many good reports from users of various Tasco models. The Tasco PDP5 CMP body looks very much like the BSA RD's and the Simmons Blazer. I would not be surprised if the same manufacturer made them. However, I have actually seen the BSA and Tasco. The Tasco lenses were as clear as window glass, while the BSA had a blueish tint. Many red dot sights, even expensive ones, have a blue tint when you look through them. This is due to the lens coating that is used to make the dot more visible. This tint could be a drawback if you are shooting in subdued light, shadows, etc. If I bought a sight from this group, I would go with Tasco.

I think most of the other sights on this list are at least one notch above the BSA, Simmons and Tasco. I would be purely fantasizing to put them in any kind of order. However, I am inclined to believe that any tube style sight, which is nitrogen-filled, is the crème-de-la-crème.

Good luck in finding the right sight for you. I hope this page will be of assistance.

Nick W.
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Really good article.

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eotech 552, love that thing. a little pricey but it is awesome.
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I like the tasco pro point II, it has the polarized filter cap that can be adjusted for the amount of light coming into the scope. It's an older one that I've had for close to 15 years and it still works...Currently on the 10/22....
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Default accessories for the home

Red dot sizes vary from sight to sight, and some sights have dots that are adjustable in size, so be sure to consider both how much room you have available on your weapon and how large a reticle you need when you're choosing a red dot sight. Some dots have crosshairs or a variety of choices as well as a dot.


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