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Old 12-17-2012, 09:03 PM
xCONTRAKTx xCONTRAKTx is offline
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Default Hello all!

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hello to all, trying to say hello and hope all is well among you. i am in illinois and am looking to gain more knowledge on any and all subjects!
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Old 12-17-2012, 09:06 PM
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Gardog Gardog is offline
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Location: Out side Mobile, Alabama, In the woods !
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Glad you are hear. I'm going to leave you some links hope thay are helpfull. And Welcome from Mobile, AL.

There are better sites than this, but fun to look around.
A good place to buy guns.

Another good place to buy guns, and a lot more.
When you are looking for just the right gun and have a lot of money.

Verry good book and you can download it cheep.

Make your own gun cleaner cheep

Another good place to buy a gun.

Lots of good stuff hear. Also deep well hand water pump.

The highest quality cast iron cookwear

The seeds you buy from the store are hybrid and can't be replanted, these seeds can.

If you need a part for a gun try these guys

For the ladies

Great place to buy bulk amo.

Good deals on guns plus a lot more.

Not the best place to buy your solar panels, but the best prices on everything else you need for a PV System.
These guys also have DC evaprotive coolers, DC Fans, DC Lights, and DC water heater elements.

The best place to buy your solar panels, thay also have DC Refrigertors and Freezers.

If it is to hot where you live for an evaprotive cooler, these guys have AC's that runs on DC.

This is the first thing that I would buy, make sure that you get the water Pasteurizer when you buy your stove.

Best place to get a Simple pump. can pump water by hand up to 300 Ft. deep,
( Will fit inside the well you have now ) or you can buy a electric pump and a solar
panel and it will pump it for you.

Lots of good people hear, if you have a question about survival this the place to go.
( I'm known as Gardog on this site )

Bad a** stuff for your AK, SKS, and AR-15

Best place to get Mylar bags and Oxygen Absorbers. Sams Club has a lower price on plastic buckets and Gama lids. ( See link at bottom of page )You can store rice and beans for 20 years at room temperture with this.

If you are going to buy only one book this year, make sure that it is this one.

If you don't have a Sams Club near by, or thay don't have what you are looking for in bulk, try these guys.

Best price on Gama Lids and Buckets. Sams also has bags of rice $20 for 50 lbs. Each bucket holds about 33 lbs of rice or about 25 lbs. of beans. You do the math.
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Old 12-17-2012, 09:08 PM
CA357 CA357 is offline
Old Guy
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Location: Oregon
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Welcome here from Oregon.
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Old 12-17-2012, 09:26 PM
xCONTRAKTx xCONTRAKTx is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
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thanks fellas! glad to see that people are a little more friendly here than other sites! thanks for all those links and there are hopefully more to come!

CA- like the profile pic!
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Old 12-17-2012, 09:37 PM
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JayAreBee JayAreBee is offline
Target Shooter
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Welcome, from a 'Bama Gal.
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Old 12-18-2012, 10:24 AM
SSGNasty's Avatar
SSGNasty SSGNasty is offline
Most Thankful Guy here
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Glendale, AZ
Age: 59
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Howdy and welcome from AZ
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Old 12-18-2012, 02:43 PM
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Survival Foods LLC Survival Foods LLC is offline
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Welcome to the forum!

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We search the world over for the best deals and then pass the savings on to you.
Old 12-18-2012, 02:56 PM
Athanasius Athanasius is offline
I love this forum
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Welcome aboard!
Old 12-31-2012, 12:09 AM
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survivalebooks survivalebooks is offline
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Welcome to the boards from Quincy, Ca.


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