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Old 05-04-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by bert the turtle View Post

For example, I am a physician. Odds are pretty good that people will want my services after a collapse. Odds are pretty good they will want those services provided with something resembling modern drugs. Odds are that someone who makes those drugs will survive and eventually want to set up a business.
Key word being eventually. How long is that really? And can you survive till then and will you be able to treat anyone until then?

I am one of those people who prefer the simple things instead of the complex because I can understand them. I have a hand crank grain mill. Wonderful old piece of equipment, I can take it all apart and see how it works. I also have several hand mixers (non-electric), I can see very easily how they work and if they break I can fix them easily. On a regular basis, I use my stand mixer, but without electricity it will be useless, and even now if it breaks I can't fix it, it needs to go to a repair shop.
When we need to use the grain mill in a post- SHTF situation I have no doubt that we will be hooking up some other type of gadget to it to grind wheat. We use it now occasionally to grind wheat but it takes a long time. I won't buy an electric gain mill and get rid of my hand crank one because there are too many variables.
Old 05-04-2012, 07:01 PM
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Having experienced life without electricity ( post hurricanes ), I can attest to the fact that it affects you mentally and physically. You pay a price for having lost just that one luxury. It denied me the ability to gas up my car and go looking for a grocery store that had electricity and could actually process a sale. My deep freezer was stacked and packed with high quality meats and I couldn't eat them fast enough, and they thawed. I stunk and my clothes were dirty and it was hot and after a few weeks it got to me.

Today I pressure can meats so I am not totally dependent on electricity for meats. Yes my freezer is still packed, but that stuff is short term. The prepared life style has saved me money on my grocery bills. Just today I was able to get three spiral sliced hams at Walmart for $10 each. I would have had to pass on the sale if they had to go in the freezer. They will be in pint sized Mason jars tomorrow morning, and at room temperature and on a shelf by Sunday morning.

I have a garden so I can learn how to start vegetables from seed. It really wasn't that long ago that everybody did these things you think primitive. It also wasn't that long ago that doctors traded services for chicken eggs or skilled labor because clients didn't have the money.

Maybe it is good that we have some nuts and kooks amongst us. Just skip the swords and the fire bombs and concentrate on the things that will benefit you.

You mentioned Germany post WWII. If it were not for our airmen and soldiers those people would have perished. No doubt that millions upon millions would have starved and froze to death. What if it is America next time ? Who comes to our rescue ? Easy answer- nobody with good intentions....that's who.

Until you have gone more than four days without food, or electricity, or heat, or a car or a roof over your head, you have no idea of what any of it really means.

Remember ....others will be dependent on you to do the right things now.



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