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Originally Posted by gunguy View Post
Having worked as a refinery chemist one of the things we tested regularly was kerosene. To answer your question; it will last almost forever depending upon what kind of container you store it in. Where I worked it was a single cut product, in other words it came off a distillation tower on one tray and was never mixed with anything else. It is a pure product that if stored in tin or steel will last almost forever. Plastics can absorb light & change with time so if I was storing it I would keep it in 1 gallon tin cans. The distillation tower makes the following products from heaviest to the lightest; coming off the bottom was Kerosene, next up was JP4(jet fuel), followed by B Naptha or what is more commonly called white gas or camp stove fuel. These are all strait run products that usually do not have anything added except JP4 which they add a conductivity agent which reduces the ability for it to static spark.
Any of these products above can have a very long life shelf life if stored properly unlike gasoline which can have up to 8 different components mixed together.
Are you saying the plastic or the kerosene would absorb light and change over time? So can I store kerosene in plastic if I store the barrel in a dark area? It won't be pitch black but it won't be in direct sunlight either. Actually it's pretty light in the shed since I have two of those white corrugated panels installed in the roof for light during the day but the rest of the roof is tin. I bought some 15 white gallon drums I was planning to store kerosene in since they would weigh less when full than 55 gallon barrels would. Also do I need to worry about expansion, venting, condensation, etc or can I just fill them up and tighten down the lids? Should I fill them to the top or leave some space for expansion? It gets pretty hot here in the summer and they will be in a shaded shed stored outside away from the residence for safety reasons, so they would be exposed to pretty high temps during summer months. I read on a kerosene lamp site that one gallon of kerosene would allow you to burn about 5 standard lamps 4 - 5 hours a night for an entire month. So I figured 15 gallons would be go for an entire year. This is what I planned on using.

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