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    Maxpedition Vulture-II

    Looking for a good quality 2 – 3 day pack? The Maxpedition Vulture-II might be just what your looking for. When your looking at backpacks, there seems to be small, medium, large and super large.

    Small – good for day hikes and short trips

    Medium – good for day hikes or overnight trips

    Large – good for 3 – 5 day trips Full Story>>>

    Internal vs external frame backpacks

    Internal frame VS external frame backpacks, ask a group of backpackers which one they prefer and your sure to get a variety of answers. The truth is, asking about internal and external frame packs is like asking about:

    chevy or ford
    dodge or toyota
    apples or oranges
    iron man or spider man

    This article is based on my personal opinion, established through years of hiking, backpacking and camping. Full Story>>>

    Review of the Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy

    During this review, the Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy is being used as a day pack and an overnight camping pack.  With this sized pack your not going to strap a -20 degree sleeping bag and a 4 man dome tent to it.  The Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy is designed for a certain purpose and it… Full Story>>>

    Camping Video Collection

    This video is a collection of different types of camping and hiking videos streamed from youtube. To scroll through the videos, click the buttons on the right and left hand side of the player. If the video player shows an error that the video is no longer available, just click the button on the right… Full Story>>>